Second Annual September Estate Planning Conference

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13 & 14 September 2018
Our annual estate planning conference (held in Melbourne in March every year) is one of our most popular conferences and that is why we are repeating this event in the Gold Coast in September 2018 for all those who couldn’t get to Melbourne. This year’s conference examines some of the key issues estate planners face, including passing control of family trusts, trust variations, and the impact of financial agreements on the estate. It will also review key issues with superannuation and estate planning following the reforms.

Control and Capacity Issues in Estate Planning

  • Passing Control of Family Trusts to the Next Generation: Avoiding WWIII
  • Maintaining Control When the Appointor Loses Capacity
  • Estate Planning for Someone Who Has Lost Capacity: Determining and Maintaining Control
  • Trust Variations in the Context of Estate Planning

Asset Protection in Estate Planning

  • Implications of Relationship Creation and Breakdown on Estate Planning
  • Bankruptcy and Estate Planning
  • Financial Agreements and their Impact on Estate Planning

Estate Planning Nuts and Bolts

  • Dealing with Loan Accounts and Unpaid Present Entitlements in the Estate Plan
  • Unscrambling the Eggs - When the Estate Planner Recommends a Restructure
  • Estate Planning for Super Death Benefits Post Super Reforms

Estate Planning In Difficult Family Situations

  • Family Farms and Sibling Rivalry: Managing the Estate Plan
  • The Elderly, Share Houses and the Caring Child

Paul Paxton-Hall, Director, Paxton-Hall Lawyers, Brisbane

Peter Worrall, Director, Worrall Lawyers, Hobart

Craig Spink, Principal, Spink Legal, Brisbane

Matthew Burgess, Director, View Legal

Stephen Lynch, Director, Somerville Legal, North Sydney

David Topp, Barrister, Queensland Bar, Brisbane

Robert Monahan, Principal, Monahan Estate Planning, Sydney

Damian O’Connor, Principal, Tax + Law, Brisbane

Daniel Smedley, Principal, Sladen Legal, Melbourne

Greg Welden, Principal, Welden & Coluccio Lawyers, Adelaide

Jennifer Dixon, Principal, Moores, Hawthorn, Vic

Kylie Wilson, Partner, Holding Redlich, Brisbane

Brian Herd, Partner, CRH Law, Brisbane

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