Sixth Annual Melbourne Wills and Estates Conference

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21 & 22 February 2019

Our annual wills and estates conference (held in August on the Gold Coast every year) draws succession lawyers from across the country. It is one of our most popular conferences and that is why we are repeating this event in Melbourne 2019 for all those who couldn’t get to the Gold Coast.

Succession lawyers have the challenging task of grappling with client demands for certainty and control with difficult family dynamics and complicated asset structures. The 6th annual wills and estates conference will address this challenge, along with other key issues which have dominated the succession law landscape in the last twelve months, including family provision claims, assessing testamentary capacity and professional negligence issues. It also includes the three compulsory subjects – professional skills, practice management and ethics.

Drafting and Constructing Wills

  • The Testing Issue of Testamentary Capacity Under the Spotlight
  • Relationship Changes, Defining Spouses, and the Effect on Wills, EPOAs and BDBNs
  • Professional Negligence, Will Preparation and Estate Administration: Bullet Proofing Your Practice

Carving Up the Estate and Authority Issues

  • Gifts and Family Loans Under a Will
  • Enduring Powers of Attorney – Abuse, Authority and Ademption Headaches
  • Protecting Your Back with Beddoe and Benjamin Orders

Estate Litigation Issues

  • The Long Arm of the NSW Notional Estate Rules: Why Lawyers in all States Need to Understand Them
  • The Battle Lines Are Drawn in Family Provision Claims
  • Equitable Remedies and Estate Litigation

Compulsory Topics

  • Professional Skills:  Preparing Wills with Precision: The Drafting Toolkit for Succession Lawyers 
  • Practice Management & Business Skills:  Running a Succession Law Practice: Facing the Competing Challenges Head-on
  • Legal Ethics:  Ethical Dilemmas in Maintaining Confidentiality in Wills and Estates Matters

Andrew Verspaandonk, Barrister, Victorian Bar, Melbourne

Angela Cornford-Scott, Director, Cornford-Scott Lawyers, Brisbane

Ursula Stanisich, Barrister, Victorian Bar, Melbourne

Stephen Lynch, Director, Somerville Legal, North Sydney

Teri Konstantinou, Barrister, Victorian Bar, Melbourne

Margaret Pringle, Barrister, Chalfont Chambers, Sydney

Lindsay Ellison SC, Wardell Chambers, Sydney

Nathan Yii, Director, Nathan Yii Lawyers, Melbourne

John Armfield, Barrister, Second Floor Wentworth Chambers, Sydney

Justin Rizzi, Barrister, Victorian Bar, Melbourne

Richard Williams, Barrister, TEP, Queensland Bar, Brisbane

Sam McCullough, Senior Associate, Simmons Wolfhagen, Hobart

Carolyn Sparke QC, Victorian Bar, Melbourne

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