The 10 Point CPD Plan for the CPD Year Ending 31.3.19


The TEN Point CPD Plan – get your 10 CPD units organised now – don’t leave it until the last moment!

The TEN Point CPD Plan – 10 CPD units – 2 options – you don’t even have to leave the office

The TEN Point CPD Plan is a flexible and cost effective solution to enable you to meet all your CPD requirements.

The TEN Point CPD Plan offers 2 options and they both cost the same - $1199 GST incl.

Option 1:  The Online Option

  • Get your 10 CPD units for this CPD year without having to leave the office.
  • Online Component – 5 CPD units including the 3 compulsory subjects via the 10 Point Plan Channel
  • Audio CDs – receive a range of substantive law programs on audio CD covering issues of relevance for lawyers

Option 2:  The Conferences Option

The conference option is for solicitors in or near Melbourne or Sydney.  The 1.5 day 10 Point Plan conferences are run in March in Melbourne and Sydney.


If you need more information, please call one of our friendly consultants on (03) 9670 2055.  They can process your order over the phone and get you started immediately.

If you process your order online, we will contact you to confirm your selections and (if required) a quick tour of the website to show you how the online component works.

Product Code: VTEN2019
 Price:  $1,199.00 (Inclusive of GST)