Recorded Webinar: 3 CPD Compulsory Topics for Lawyers – a national webinar for lawyers

Thursday 31st March 2016
Duration: approx 3 hours
NOTE:  the recording for this webinar will not be available for viewing until approx. 6 April.  We have other recorded webinars covering the compulsory topics that are now available for downloading immediately.

About the webinar

SESSION 1: Professional Skills:  Getting the Most Out of Expert Witnesses

Presented by:  Dr Donald Charrett, Artbitrator & Mediator, Barrister, Victorian Bar, Melbourne

Calling an expert witness is different to calling a lay witness – the role of an expert witness is to assist the court, not your client. This presentation explains when and how to brief an expert, in light of lessons drawn from the many proceedings arising from the Victorian bushfires.  It covers:

  • When to brief an expert
  • Ethical considerations
  • Dealing with adverse opinions
  • Court rules
  • How to work effectively with experts
  • Expert conclaves - Matthews v SPI Electricity Pty Ltd

SESSION 2: Ethics:  Disclosure in Practice – Your Obligation to Disclose

Presented by:  David Bailey, Barrister, Victorian Bar, Melbourne 

Disclosure is necessary for many reasons. Professional standards and rules, managing ethical risk and maintaining good client relations amongst them. Understanding when and how to make proper disclosure is the subject of this session:

  • Is there a general duty of disclosure across professions?
  • How and when should disclosure be undertaken?
  • Reconciling two duties – disclosure and confidentiality
  • Disclosure obligations to the court
  • Does disclosure have a time frame attached to it?
  • When must you disclose sensitive information such as criminal convictions?
  • Where silence can be misleading and deceptive conduct – disclosure implications
  • Disclosure of conflicts of interest – agent and solicitor working in tandem

SESSION 3:  Practice Management & Business Skills:  Lawyer Burn Out – Prevention Cure and Care

Presented by:  Chris McArdle, Principal Lawyer, McArdle Legal, Sydney

The pressures in practice are real and cannot be underestimated. Young practitioners are leaving the profession in increasing numbers and the cost on health and profitability is high. This session addresses ways to deal with burn out in practitioners – both prevention and cure.

  • Understanding the personality profile of potential employees – should you do personality testing?
  • Realistic work schedules for practitioners – what is involved?
  • Work – life policies for your office
  • Safe work environment and culture   to avoid burn out
  • Recognizing signs of burn out and responding to them
  • Burn out and depression – are they inextricably linked?
  • Case study – Strategies to avoid burn out in younger practitioners

Who should attend

This webinar is suitable for lawyers - Australia wide and it has been designed to deliver the 3 compulsory subject CPD units for the CPD year ending 31st March 2016.

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 Price:  $330.00 (Inclusive of GST)
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