Recorded Webinar: The ‘Concise Statement’ – Drafting to Meet Federal Court Requirements (Professional Skills)


12th February 2019

Duration:  1 hour


Federal Court rules on the initiating and responding ‘Concise Statement’ place extra pressure on practitioners to get their drafting in order.

This session looks at key issues in drafting the Concise Statement, including:

  • Use of the Concise Statement - form and content
  • Narrative drafting and the challenge of brevity – drafting like a pleading summons
  • Setting out the facts giving rise to the claim – being ‘plain concise and direct’
  • Drafting the relief sought
  • Primary grounds for relief and alleged harm suffered by applicant
  • The Court Rules – the Commercial and Corporations Practice Note
  • Case study – an example of a Concise Statement in a federal matter


Maya Rozner, Barrister, Melbourne

Maya has over 20 years’ experience at the commercial bar appearing in applications, directions and trials in jurisdictions from VCAT to the Supreme Court of Appeal.

She enjoys a broad based commercial practice including contract disputes, equities, trusts, partnerships, mortgages and other securities as well as property disputes, building and construction, franchise disputes, company and insolvency disputes. Maya has also appeared in Fair Work Act general protection and unfair dismissal matters as well as discrimination and equal opportunity matters in the Federal Court and VCAT.

Maya completed her Australian Mediation Training in 2004. She is an accomplished and strategic negotiator and will provide early assistance to instructors and clients on limiting the costs and risks of lengty6 and expensive trials where appropriate. She has successfully employed the Civil Procedure Act 2010 to enforce procedural compliance by opposing parties in disputed matters including on matters of costs.


This webinar is suitable for lawyers - Australia wide and it has been designed to deliver the the Professional Skills compulsory subject CPD unit for the CPD year ending 31st March 2019.

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