Recorded Webinar: Family Law Disputes, Property Settlements and Tax


19th July 2018

Duration:  approximately 1.5 hours

Property settlements under family law provisions have a number of tax challenges, particularly when splitting family assets or negotiating cash settlements. This session brings you up to date and includes:

  • GST on the transfer of business assets as part of property settlements:
    • is there rollover relief on GST on breakdown of marriage?
    • what happens if other entities are involved –analyzing each transaction
    • how to minimize the impact of GST on a transfer of an asset - using the going concern exemption
  • Tax issues in business asset transfers
  • Dealing with partnership assets and partnership interests including:
    • plant and equipment
    • trading stock
  • Dealing with the family home in a property settlement - is there any tax risk?
  • Other real estate and roll over relief
  • Tax Issues in family trusts and companies:
    • trusts and UPEs - key tax considerations following relationship breakdown
    • is the removal of a beneficiary a trust resettlement?
    • company loans, debts and payments - minimizing the tax fallout
    • case study: cash settlements and Division 7A consequences - navigating the hurdles when the cash is tied up in the company
Our presenter

George Kolliou, Director, AG Tax Lawyers, Melbourne

George Kolliou, formerly principal of Kolliou Tax Lawyers, has worked in the taxation field for over 30 years, firstly as an accountant and then as a lawyer. George's special area of interest is the intersection of taxation and trust law particularly in the SME context. 

George's aim is to provide sound and practical tax advice to lawyers, accountants, financial planners and their clients. His practice areas include income tax, CGT, GST, stamp duty, land tax and payroll tax, in both advisory and dispute resolution matters. 

Some of George's professional highlights include:  Instructing in the first GST case to go to the High Court of Australia; Successfully representing taxpayers in disputes with the ATO and the State Revenue Office; and Advising on complex CGT Concessions where the advice stood up to ATO scrutiny.

George regularly presents at tax conferences on SME taxation issues and writes for various professional journals. He has also co-authored the Australian Trusts Tax Handbook published by Thomson Reuters.


This webinar is suitable for family lawyers and accountants advising in taxation matters – Australia wide. This webinar is for practitioners with some knowledge in this area and looking to improve their knowledge.

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