Recorded Webinar: Drafting Enforceable Family Law Orders in Property and Parenting Matters


21st March 2019

Duration:  approx. 2 hours

Drafting enforceable court orders is an important skill for practitioners. The orders must cover all aspects of the proposal or agreement reached and include a mechanism for enforcement. Getting the drafting right is essential, and this session looks at the key issues, including:

  • Taking instructions – obtaining the right information to aid the drafting process

  • Drafting overview – plain English vs legal jargon

  • Making sure the orders are understandable to both parties (and the court) – general and the more complex

  • Property settlement drafting essentials:

    • courts’ powers operate in personam

    • full title on property

    • dealing with personal property

    • payment of a lump sums

  • Obligations on third parties such as a trustee of superannuation fund

  • Drafting parenting orders:

    • live with/spend time with

    • holidays / special days

    • extra-curricular activities

  • Dealing with an injunction and/or restraints

  • Undertakings and commitments – how to define the obligation

Our presenter

Amelia Trotman, Special Counsel, Armstrong Legal, Brisbane

Amelia has practised in family law for over 14 years and is an Accredited Family Law Specialist.

Experienced in all aspects of Family Law, Amelia has a particular interest in complex parenting and property matters, international relocation matters and surrogacy. Amelia's down to earth approach and empathetic nature allows her to develop trusting relationships with clients and work towards achieving the best possible outcomes.

Amelia is committed to providing excellent representation at all stages of a matter, from written negotiations to mediation and court proceedings.

Amelia is a past President of the Women Lawyers Association of Queensland and is an advocate for paid parental leave and flexible work arrangements within the profession.


This webinar is suitable for lawyers practising in family law – Australia wide. This webinar is for practitioners with some knowledge in this area and looking to improve their knowledge.

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