Recorded Webinar: Contravention and Contempt Hearings: A Guide for Family Lawyers


26th October 2018

Duration:  approx. 2 hours

Before a contravention of an order or contempt of court application is brought, there are a number of evidentiary and procedural requirements that must be considered. This session looks at the circumstances in which one of these applications can be made, the quasi-criminal nature of the application, and what evidence needs to be produced.  It includes:

  • Contravention proceedings:
    • parenting matters v financial matters
    • contraventions involving a “reasonable excuse”
    • procedural requirements - what should be in the application and supporting affidavit?
    • standard of proof required
    • cost orders and other penalties
  • Contempt proceedings – civil and criminal
    • when will the Court exercise its discretion?
    • what types of matters will involve “flagrant challenge” to the authority of the Court?
    • standard of proof and elements required
    • application and supporting affidavit requirements
    • penalties
Our presenter

Adam Cooper, Cooper Family Law, Nundah, Qld

Adam Cooper has been a family lawyer and advocate for over 20 years. He initially started practice at the private bar, before taking on special counsel roles and then establishing Cooper Family Law in 2011.

Adam regularly speaks at family law conferences. He has delivered papers on family violence, substance abuse, family law advocacy and other key areas. He is the author of the Domestic Violence component of the Queensland Law Handbook and regularly appears in radio broadcasts discussing family law matters.

Adam also has tertiary qualifications in social science and has a deep understanding of the difficulties faced by family law clients, and the need to pursue timely resolutions. 


This webinar is suitable for lawyers practising in family law – Australia wide. This webinar is for practitioners with some knowledge in this area and looking to improve their knowledge.

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