Recorded Webinar: Shared Accommodation and the Elderly – What Estate Planning Issues Does that Create?


22nd February 2019

Duration:  approx. 1.5 hours

Shared accommodation arrangements involving the elderly, such as ‘granny flats’, are often entered into with the best of intentions. However, there are a host of legal issues which arise from the many permutations of those kinds of arrangements. Lawyers can help their client to discover that what might at first sight seems uncomplicated, is actually littered with potentially adverse legal outcomes, depending upon the choices the client may make. This session examines these complexities and how they impact the estate plan. It covers:

  • Shared accommodation with families and friends:

    • Anticipating the issues and making agreements

    • Consequences for pensions, estate planning, tax, and making agreements

  • Shared accommodation and carers:

    • Advance planning

    • Making wills including testamentary reward

    • Recognising the risk of future claims [estoppel + family provision] on the estate

    • Superannuation, mutual support and the interdependent relationship

Our presenter

Rodney Lewis, Senior Solicitor, Elderlaw – The Legal Firm, Sydney

From a general commercial law practice, in the late 1990’s Rodney developed a special focus in Elder Law. He contributed to introducing that part of legal practice to New South Wales through the University of Western Sydney course in Elder Law in 1999 and the publication of articles, presentation of seminars and the publication of the first comprehensive practice text, Elder Law in Australia, Lexis Nexis, 2nd edn, Sydney 2012.

He is now part of the firm Elderlaw-the legal practice, in Martin Place, Sydney and a member of the NSW Law Society’s Elder Abuse Working Group.  Rodney’s main current project is a proposal to criminalise elder abuse to facilitate access to justice for people in rural remote and regional areas who otherwise may not be able to afford legal remedies.


This webinar is suitable for lawyers throughout Australia who advise in estate planning matters. This webinar is for practitioners with some knowledge in this area and looking to improve their knowledge.

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