Recorded Webinar: Drafting with Precision in Family Law Affidavits


26th March 2019

Duration:  approx. 2 hours

********** LAWYERS PLEASE NOTE:  the recording of this webinar WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE in time for you to view it before the CPD deadline on 31 March 2019.  Recordings take approximately 5 business days to become available from the day the live webinar is held. ***********

A well-prepared affidavit is the backbone of many family law proceedings. This hands-on session examines some big issues on drafting of affidavits in both parenting and property settlement matters that will benefit your practice and your clients. It covers:

  • Affidavits and the rules of evidence in family law matters – how it impacts your drafting

  • Drafting affidavits for clarity and admissibility

  • Drafting techniques to avoid - use of inadmissible opinion, irrelevant material, long paragraphs and poor structuring

  • Different affidavits for different matters – be aware of differences in family law matters and how it affects structure

  • How does the affidavit support the order you are seeking in your application?

  • Rules of evidence in children’s cases – how it may impact affidavits

  • Proper use of annexures and exhibits

  • When to use an index or table of contents

  • Case study – drafting a parenting affidavit

  • Case study – fixing affidavit evidence after a client or practitioner discovers the information is not accurate

Our presenter

Malcolm Gittoes-Caesar, Principal, Coleman Greig Lawyers, Sydney

As an Accredited Specialist in Family Law with over 15 years experience, Malcolm has a breadth of experience in a wide range of matters. He has particular expertise in complex parenting matters that often involve high-net worth clients and as a result, complicated financial issues. His experience in drafting Binding Financial Agreements, Child Support Agreements and Consent Orders, as well as with criminal and AVO matters, enables him to resolve the most complicated cases with efficiency and aptitude.

Malcolm prides himself on providing practical solutions and straightforward advice to clients. He is acutely aware of the stress, both financially and emotionally, that family breakdowns can cause to clients and their children. Malcolm’s pragmatic and professional approach, coupled with this understanding, allows him to find the best possible solution for each individual case.

Malcolm is a captivating presenter who has lectured at the University of Sydney and Western Sydney University. He also has given presentations within the legal profession in relation to many aspects of family law. Malcolm is an AIFLAM Accredited Family Law Mediator and Arbitrator.


This webinar is suitable for lawyers practising in family law – Australia wide. This webinar is for practitioners with some knowledge in this area and looking to improve their knowledge.

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