Recorded Webinar: GST Liability in Property Developments

Wednesday 26th October 2016

Duration: approx 2 hours

About the webinar

There is a mismatch between property law and GST liability. This session seeks to deal with this and unravel the complex web of GST liability in property developments:

  • What is the best structure for GST purposes?
  • Characterisation – partnership, JV or commercial arrangement?
  • A mere realisation of a capital asset or not? – GST consequences for registration
  • When is an entity carrying on an “enterprise?”
  • GST issues for small developments – capital transactions amounting to an “enterprise”
  • Where a “mere realisation” could amount to a taxable supply for GST purposes
  • The supply of land under a development - when is it a going concern and GST free
  • The use of the margin scheme in property developments – agreeing in the contract
  • Ensuring no GST is payable on pre-existing residential developments
  • When private developers might not need to register for GST
  • When it may be necessary to get a private ruling
  • GST complications when selling land to a partnership
  • Case studies:
    • introducing a new party to the joint venture – the GST implications
    • disposal of an interest in a partnership for tax purposes

Who should attend

This webinar is suitable for accountants and lawyers advising on GST – Australia wide.  This webinar is for practitioners with some knowledge in this area and looking to improve their knowledge.

Matthew Cridland, Head of GST and Customs Duty, DLA Piper, Sydney         

Matthew is a Sydney based indirect tax lawyer. He has experience in relation to goods and services tax (GST), and has advised on complex GST matters for more than 16 years.

Matthew also advises on customs issues and other indirect taxes, including Wine Equalisation Tax, Luxury Car Tax, payroll tax and land tax.

Matthew has experience advising across a wide range of industry sectors.

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