Recorded Webinar: Relationship Changes, Defining Spouses and the Effect on Wills, EPOAs and BDBNs


28th March 2019

Duration:  approx. 2 hours

********** LAWYERS PLEASE NOTE:  the recording of this webinar WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE in time for you to view it before the CPD deadline on 31 March 2019.  Recordings take approximately 5 business days to become available from the day the live webinar is held. ***********

Marriage, relationship changes and divorce can have a big impact on your estate plan.  You are likely to find your will is no longer valid. This session looks at relationship formation and cessation issues and how they impact your will, BDBNs and powers of attorney. This session covers:

  • How does being in a de facto relationship affect my will?

  • What is considered a de facto relationship?

  • De facto relationships and conflicting wishes in the Will

  • Does separation affect the Will?

  • Divorce and the will – what happens if your will is void due to divorce and you have failed to update it?

  • Revocation of powers of attorney – what is the position with your ex-spouse?

  • BDBNs and ex partners – what is the effect?

  • Spotlight on same-sex couples following marriage equality

  • Case update, including McFadyen v Bluett [2017] TASSC 72 (12 December 2017)

Our presenter

Angela Cornford-Scott, Director, Cornford-Scott Lawyers, Brisbane

Angela Cornford-Scott, has over 20 years of experience in wills and estate matters and is considered one of Brisbane’s leading lawyers in the field. She is an accredited specialist in succession law and specialises, and practices, exclusively in the area of succession law.

She provides advice to private clients in relation to their estate planning needs, their roles and responsibilities as executor of an estate and trustee of a trust and entitlements or potential claims in an estate as beneficiary.

Additionally, she assists families to work together and achieve appropriate structures and plans for the effective management of the family wealth throughout generations.


This webinar is suitable for succession lawyers – Australia wide. This webinar is for practitioners with some knowledge in this area and looking to improve their knowledge.

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