The Education Channel

The Education Channel is a DVD and online service providing regular programming on issues of relevance to legal and accounting practitioners around Australia. It is sold on an annual subscription basis with subscribers receiving programs on a monthly basis (except December & January).

The Education Channel is specifically designed to assist professional firms to establish and manage their own in-house training programs. Each program is supported by a technical paper written by the expert appearing in the program and a set of study points to assist in group discussion.

Each program can form the basis of a one hour group study session with participants first reading the technical paper, then viewing the program and finally discussing the study points and formulating answers. On this basis, lawyers and accountants can earn 1 CPD unit for each program.

In addition to the monthly DVD programs, subscribers also have access to the Subscriber First website containing a vast library of technical papers from all of the legal, tax and accounting programs produced.

The Education Channel comes in two versions:

  1. The Accountants' Education Channel
  2. The Lawyers' Education Channel

Within these two channels, there are a number of subscription options available depending on the number of programs subscribers wish to receive each month.

Television Education Network has been producing The Education Channel programs for nearly 30 years and uses an expert team of lawyers and accountants to produce the programs.