3rd Annual SMSF Audit Conference

Thursday 16 and Friday 17 July 2015 
This year’s conference kicks off with a review of the 10 things that slow up SMSF audits – identifying the common time wasters and suggesting some solutions - and moves on to tackle the many challenges facing today’s SMSF auditor. We are again delighted to be working with Belinda Aisbett of Super Sphere and Sharlene Anderson of Veritas Corp.
This year’s conference has 4 themes: 
  1. Challenges Facing Today’s Auditors – 10 things that slow up SMSF audits; market valuations: the problems continue; effective communications with trustees; implications of the new graduated penalty regime and the ATO auditor review
  2. Auditing in Pensions Phase – SMSF tax and SIS technical update; auditing pensions; auditing funds where a member has died
  3. Auditing Related Party Transactions – role and responsibility of the SMSF auditor; tips and traps in auditing LRBAs; auditing contributions
  4. Audit Technology – review, presentation and discussion

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