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 10th Annual SMSF Audit Conference - e-book

Pre-ordered ebooks,Superannuation and SMSF audit,10th Annual SMSF Audit Conference - e-book
28 & 29 July 2022

In recent times, SMSF auditors have faced a raft of challenges in conducting the audit: NALI has become a whole lot gnarlier, ATO scrutiny of asset valuations has intensified, and investing in the digital world is gaining momentum amongst trustees. Television Education Network’s 10th annual SMSF Audit conference examines these technical issues, as well as updates on auditing pensions and death benefits. It also provides a regulatory update from the ATO, as well as a deep dive into SMSFs and tax.

Challenges in Conducting the Audit

  • Unpacking ATO Guidance on Asset Valuations
  • NALI Just Got a Whole Lot Gnarlier
  • SMSFs & Tax: How Far Does an Auditor Need to Go and Know?
  • Property Development in an SMSF - Can You or Can’t You?

The SMSF Auditor Skill Set

  • Death Benefits and the Role of the SMSF Auditor
  • Auditing Pensions: Where to Start?
  • Collectables and Personal Use Assets - Not to be Enjoyed

Minimising the Risks for SMSF Auditors

  • Auditor Contravention Report Guidelines: The What, When and How
  • SMSF Auditors in the Firing Line
  • SMSFs, Cryptocurrency and Emerging Digital Investments

Regulator Insights and Contemporary Challenges

  • Impact of Technology on SMSF Audits
  • Q&A Panel Session – Ask the Experts

Belinda Aisbett, Director, Super Sphere, Melbourne

Shirley Schaefer, Partner - Superannuation, BDO, Adelaide

Shelley Banton, Head of Education, ASF Audits, Adelaide

Daniel Prunty, Director, Veritas Audit, Queensland

Rohan Mansfield, Principal, LDB Group, Melbourne

Chris Ketsakidis, Partner, Mills Oakley, Melbourne

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