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 16th Annual Estate Planning Conference e-book

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Thursday 24 & Friday 25 March 2022
Estate planners have the difficult task of weighing up a client’s family dynamics, unique financial circumstances as well as their personal needs in order to create a bespoke and appropriate estate plan. It can be a difficult balancing act. This year’s annual estate planning conference will address this challenge, along with other key issues estate planners face, including loan management strategies, second spouses and the family home, as well as designing an estate plan for the family business. It also includes a deep dive into super, with separate sessions on 6 member SMSFs, as well as the role of trustee discretion in death benefit decisions.

Impact of Family Dynamics on the Estate Plan
  • Paying It Forward: Loan Management Strategies in Estate Planning
  • Heading the Outlaws Off at the Pass in Estate Planning
  • Power Without Glory: Conflicts of Interest and Risk in Powers of Attorney
  • Border Crossing: Taxing Times for Non-Resident Beneficiaries in the Estate Plan

The Role of Trusts in the Estate Plan

  • Taking Charge: Control Dilemmas in Family Trust Management
  • Act in Haste Repent in Leisure: Challenges in Trust Deed Variation
  • Protecting Vulnerable Family Members Through Trusts

Estate Planning Mechanisms for Specific Assets

  • Second Spouses, the Family Home and the Estate Plan
  • The New Frontier: Cryptocurrencies and other Digital Assets in the Estate Plan
  • Exit Stage Left: Designing an Estate Plan for the Family Business


  • 6 Member SMSFs: Challenges and Opportunities with Intergenerational Funds
  • A Matter of Discretion: Superannuation Trustees and Death Benefit Decisions

Bryan Mitchell, Principal, Mitchells Solicitors, Brisbane

Matthew Burgess, Principal, View Legal

Edward Skilton, Principal, Sladen Legal, Melbourne

Paul Evans, Partner, Makinson d’Apice Lawyers, Sydney

Greg Russo, Partner, Featherbys Lawyers, Melbourne

George Kolliou, Director, AG Tax Lawyers, Melbourne

Jennifer Dixon, Principal,  Moores, Melbourne

Allan Swan, Director, Estate Planning Equation, Melbourne

Daniel Smedley, Principal, Sladen Legal, Melbourne

Nathan Yii, Principal Lawyer, Chartered Tax Advisor and SMSF Specialist Advisor, Nathan Yii Lawyers, Melbourne

Michelle Griffiths, Partner, TAG Financial Services, Melbourne

David Foulds, Client Director, Pitcher Partners, Melbourne

Bernie O’Sulliivan, Principal, Sladen Legal, Melbourne

Damian O’Connor, Principal & Chartered Tax Advisor, Tax + Law, Brisbane

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