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 17th Annual Estate Planning Conference e-book

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Date:  23 & 24 March 2023
Estate planners often have to find a balance between their clients' need for security and control versus the necessity for accommodating change. It's not always easy. This year's annual estate planning conference will cover this balancing act, along with other vital topics estate planners regularly encounter, such as where superannuation sits in the estate plan, distribution dilemmas and the taxation of trusts, as well as challenging discretionary trust decisions. It also examines the ongoing use of gift and loan back arrangements, as well as protecting the bank of Mum and Dad.

Creating Certainty in the Estate Plan

  • Location, Location: Estate Planning in a Shrinking World
  • More than a Matter of Housekeeping: Life Tenancies and Rights to Reside
  • The Death Knell for Gift and Loan Back Arrangements in Estate Planning?
  • Musical Chairs: Where to Sit Superannuation in the Estate Plan?

Trusts in the Estate Plan

  • Distribution Dilemmas and Taxation in Trusts - an Update
  • Let Go from the Get Go? Incremental Control Mechanisms in Testamentary Trusts
  • Not Happy Jan: Challenging Discretionary Trust Decisions

Preventing Conflict and Managing Relationships

  • Preparing for the Long Haul: Intergenerational Family Business Planning
  • Singling Out Family Members in Estate Planning
  • The Loan Ranger: Protecting the Bank of Mum and Dad

Estate Planning for Older Clients

  • Eighty is the new 50: The Impact of “Ageing and Engaging” on Estate Planning
  • Keeping a Tight Hold of the Reigns in Enduring Powers of Attorney

Bryan Mitchell, Principal, Mitchells Solicitors, Brisbane

Paul Evans, Partner, Makinson d’Apice Lawyers, Sydney

Matthew Burgess, Director, View Legal, Australia

Jennifer Dixon, Principal, Moores, Melbourne

Daniel Smedley, Principal, Sladen Legal, Melbourne

Greg Russo, Partner, Featherbys Lawyers, Victoria

Ed Skilton, Partner, Sladen Legal, Melbourne

Emma Woolley, Partner, Hall & Wilcox, Melbourne

Nathan Yii, Principal Lawyer, Chartered Tax Advisor and SMSF Specialist Advisor - Nathan Yii Lawyers, Melbourne

Justine Taylor, Principal Director, Uther Webster & Evans, Sydney

Patrick Ellwood, Director, Clover Law, Brisbane

Adeline Schiralli, Consulting Principal, Keypoint Law, Sydney

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