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 Fourth Annual Law of Religious Institutions Conference e-book

Pre-ordered ebooks,Religious Law,Fourth Annual Law of Religious Institutions Conference e-book
20 & 21 October 2022

Religious institutions have faced significant challenges over the last few years, and the hurdles keep on coming: religious freedom remains a grey area, settled abuse claims are being reopened, and HR issues continue to evolve and grow. The 4th Annual Law of Religious Institutions Conference examines these key issues, along with a deep dive into managing risks at board level, responding to complaints against clergy, as well as the question of church vicarious liability.

Governance Challenges

  • Church Risk Management: How Well Does Your Board Manage Risk?
  • Religious Freedom in Australia? A Reality Check
  • Dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s in the Relationship Between Public Benevolent Institutions and Religious Institutions
  • The Corporatization of Religious Entities – Religion at the Crossroads?

Workplace Issues

  • Religious Institutions as Employers: Practical HR Issues in Management Control
  • The Fine Line Between Work and Play: Regulating Employee Behaviour Out of Hours
  • Responding to Complaints Against Clergy: Best Practice Guidance

Litigation and Safety

  • Reopening Settled Abuse Claims: Trends and Recent Cases
  • Religious Institutions and Vicarious Liability
  • Responding to Family Violence

Data and Cyber Security

  • Privacy and Confidentiality: The Religious Institution and Sensitive information
  • Cyber Safety and Religious Institutions

Rebecca Lambert-Smith, Practice Leader, Moores, Melbourne

George Kolliou, Director, Human Rights Alliance Ltd, Canberra

Murray Baird, Principal Murray Baird Advisory and Consultant Prolegis Lawyers, Melbourne

Anne Robinson, Principal, Prolegis Lawyers, North Sydney

Adam Foster, Principal Lawyer, Macpherson Kelley, Melbourne

Alistair Macpherson, Managing Director, Corney & Lind Lawyers, Brisbane

Luke Geary, Partner, Mills Oakley, Brisbane

Charles Harrison, Special Counsel, Carroll & O’Dea Lawyers, Melbourne

Simone Herbert-Lowe, Director, Law & Cyber, Sydney

Sonya Parsons, Partner, Mills Oakley, Sydney

Fiona Manderson, Director of Compliance and Risk, Inhouse Counsel, Hillcrest Christian College, Qld

Eustacia Yates, Managing Lawyer, New Way Lawyers, Brisbane

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