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 Second Annual NSW Criminal Law One Day TEN Point Masterclass

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Date:  20 February 2021
  • Key Reforms and Updates in Criminal Law
    • Admissibility of Police Interviews in NSW: The High Court Verdict is In
      • Police interviews can be contentious when their admissibility is in question. Recent case law developments have raised fresh issues on admissibility of police interviews.
    • Criminal Matters and Mental Health: Unpacking the New Regime
      • The new Mental Health and Cognitive Impairment Forensic Provisions Act 2020 has changed the landscape for criminal proceedings involving clients with a mental health or cognitive impairment. This session examines the key changes and the practical challenges involved with the new regime.
    • NSW Sentencing Law: Keeping Ahead of the Changes
      • This session looks at sentencing law in NSW and brings practitioners up to date with recent changes.
  • Challenges in Practice
    • Tendency and Coincidence Law and other Evidence Law Changes in NSW
      • Recent developments in tendency and coincidence law have made it easier for the prosecution to adduce tendency evidence. This session looks at these changes and how you should be advising clients.
    • Lifting the Lid on Domestic Violence
      • The scourge of domestic violence has increased focus on its relationship with criminal law. Understanding how this problem intersects with criminal law is the subject of this session.
    • Strangulation Offence in NSW – A Question of Intention and Consent?
      • Recent changes to choking laws have raised the issue of intention and consent. This session looks at what practitioners need to be aware of in respect to choking laws.
Philippa Grant, Solicitor Director, Medcalf Grant Lawyers, Sydney (Chair)

Joseph Simpson, Barrister, Greenway Chambers, Sydney

Mario Licha, Barrister, Clarence Chambers, Sydney

Michal Mantaj, Director, Conditsis Lawyers, Sydney

Manny Conditsis, Director, Conditsis Lawyers, Sydney

Paul Glissan, Barrister, Selborne Chambers, Sydney

Maxine Malaney, Criminal Lawyer, Streeton Lawyers, Sydney

Benjamin Pierce, Barrister, Sir Owen Dixon Chambers, Sydney

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