Casual Staff and the Great Double Dip: The Full Federal Court Decision in WorkPac v Rossato

There have been two important full federal Court decisions on the meaning of casual work under the fair Work Act in the last two months.  The first, Workpac v Skene, was scary enough.  The latest decision, Workpac v Rossato makes matters considerably worse for employers and demands the immediate attention of employers.   In this program, K & L Gates partner Nick Ruskin examines the decision in Skene and then the later decision in Rossato and discusses the key issues including:
  • The meaning of “casual work” under the FWA
  • The meaning of firm advance commitment
  • Other indicia of casual vs permanent work
  • Leave entitlements of casual workers deemed permanent under the rules
  • How annual leave entitlements are calculated for irregular hours of work
  • The status of casual leave loading
  • Can employers argue setoff and restitution?
  • Options for employers for the future

[43 minutes]

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