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 Falling Through the Cracks: Liability for Building Defects (NSW)

There is nothing new about building and design defects, as illustrated by the Leaning Tower of Pisa, not to mention Ancient Egypt’s bent pyramid.  However recent cases in New South Wales of major defects in high rise residential and strata title buildings, such as the Opal Towers case, has highlighted gaps in the regulation of builders and developers, and in the remedies available to building owners and others affected by those defects.   In this program, Evatt Styles from Stone Group Lawyers (who is based in Brisbane, but practises in New South Wales and Queensland), reviews protections and remedies provided to owners of residential buildings by the current regulatory regime in New South Wales, using the Opal Towers class action litigation as a case study, and recently reforms introduced by the New South Wales Government to the regulation of builders and developers.

[37 minutes] [0.62 CPD units]

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