Live Webinar: 3 CPD Compulsory Topics for Lawyers – a national webinar for lawyers


Date:  Wednesday 27th March 2019 – Online:
Vic, NSW, ACT, Tas:  2pm to 5pm 
SA: 1.30pm to 4.30pm  WA: 11am to 2pm 
NT: 12.30pm to 3.30pm  Qld: 1pm to 4pm

This webinar comprises 3 one-hour sessions covering each of the compulsory CPD subjects for lawyers for the CPD year ending 31 March 2019.

Session 1: Legal Ethics:  Acting Beyond Your Expertise – Caution, ‘Wrong Way’, Turn Back Now

Doing legal work outside your area of practice does not relieve you of duty to act with reasonable care. This session examines ethical duty when presented with matters that are beyond your skill base, including:

  • Lack of basic knowledge – duty of care and ethical obligations when knowing too little

  • Awareness of knowing when you are not competent to act

  • When to admit you don’t know – the ethics of disclosure

  • Communicating to client your level of professional competence

  • Educating the client – expressing opinion outside your area of expertise

  • Working with competent counsel – is this is the answer?

  • The ethics of deciding to expand into a ‘new area’

  • Case study – dealing with the friend who wants to ‘run this by you’

Session 2: Professional Skills: Legal Research in the Modern World

Legal research is an area in which few lawyers keep updating their skills but without a refresher, you could find yourself in all types of trouble.  Will you know where to find the latest case, article or legislative change? This session looks at the ways in which legal research has changed and will give you some tips to ensure your research is effective. It covers:

  • Subscription services – are they worth it? What are the alternatives?

  • Freely available resources – sorting the wheat from the chaff

  • Law Society resources

  • What sites can you utilize to keep up to date?

  • Finding cases by citation, party names or topic

  • Finding judicial consideration of a case

  • International jurisdictions:

    • when are they helpful?

    • finding foreign cases

  • Case study – finding legislation and articles on an obscure topic

Session 3:  Practice Management & Business Skills:  IT Security for Lawyers – Protecting Client Information and Guarding Confidential Data

IT security is front of mind for law firms right now, particularly in light of recent cyber security breaches involving practitioners. It’s vital that practitioners are across how to best manage the risks - a cyber breach will impact not only your legal obligations, but also damage your brand and disrupt your practice. This session examines how to best protect against cyber security breaches, including:

  • Identifying where your vulnerabilities lie in your practice:

    • sensitive client information

    • bank account details

    • transfer of funds

  • Impacts of cyber breaches - an overview

  • Implementing an appropriate cyber security plan and conducting an IT health check:

    • firewalls and anti-virus protection - criteria for assessment

    • encryption in law firm data security

    • computer lockdowns in the law firm

    • keeping up with upgrades

  • Limiting employee (and former employee) access to data

  • Managing remote work IT and data security

  • What should be in your policies?

  • Use of external consultants for IT security issues: who, what and where

  • Case study - Recent cyber security breaches affecting the legal sector

Our presenter

Michael Dolan, Director, ethics4lawyers, Melbourne 

Michael Dolan is an Australian Legal Practitioner. Michael joins ethics4lawyers after a legal career spanning over 45 years, including 20 years as a senior executive in the electricity supply and mobile telephone industries in Australia and the UK. More recently Michael was a senior ethics solicitor at the Law Institute of Victoria for the past 7 years. 

Joanna Fear, Manager - Library & Information Services (Qld), Federal Court of Australia, Brisbane

Joanna Fear is a legally qualified law librarian with over 30 years’ experience conducting and teaching legal research.  She has worked at the National Library, the High Court Library, the Queensland Department of Justice and Attorney-General’s Library and the Queensland Parliamentary Library.  Joanna is currently Manager, Library and Information Services (Qld) at the Federal Court of Australia.

Dr Allison Stanfield, Managing Director & Solicitor, SG Legal Services, Sydney

Allison has over 25 years' experience as a lawyer and in business.  Allison advises business owners on all aspects of setting up, running, selling and acquiring businesses, and provides her clients with advice on corporate structure and property leasing. Known for her commercial and practical approach, Allison works closely with clients to understand their business and to provide workable solutions and strategic outcomes.  Succession and estate planning is an important strategy for any business owner and Allison advises businesses and individuals on how best to protect their assets and wealth in an ever changing and increasingly regulated business environment.

In addition to her business law expertise, Allison also provides a range of technology law advice to clients including drafting and negotiating software development and licensing agreements, web and domain hosting agreements and intellectual property agreements.

Allison maintains a unique expertise in electronic evidence and is an expert in electronic contracts, electronic signatures and electronic discovery.  In 2015, Allison completed her PhD in the authentication of electronic evidence.  Allison speaks regularly at conferences, seminars and on webinars.


This webinar is suitable for lawyers - Australia wide and it has been designed to deliver the 3 compulsory subject CPD units for the CPD year ending 31st March 2019.


Registered live webinar delegates will receive a CPD certificate for attendance at this webinar.  Lawyers can claim 3 CPD units – compulsory subjects.  1 unit each for Ethics, Practice Management and Professional Skills.

If you need assistance or have an enquiry, please do not hesitate to contact our Webinar Coordinator, Lisa Tran on (03) 8601 7709 or email:

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At the end of the webinar session we send you a certificate to confirm your attendance and the number of CPD hours you earned.

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