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 Securing Assets in the Estate Plan: A One Day 10 Point Online Masterclass

Masterclass,Estate planning,Securing Assets in the Estate Plan: A One Day 10 Point Online Masterclass
Friday 17th February 2023


Vic, NSW, ACT, Tas: 9am to 4.35pm
QLD: 8am to 3.35pm
SA/NT: 8.30am to 4.05pm
WA: 6am to 1.35pm

-38 DAYS
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This masterclass has been designed to enable lawyers to earn their 10 CPD units for the CPD year ending 31.3.23 

Delegates will attend 6 substantive law sessions live online at the Masterclass and we’ll supply 4 free on-demand video webinars – 3 covering each of the compulsory subjects plus 1 other - to view at your leisure by 31.3.23.  So all up you will earn your 10 CPD units for this CPD year.

All delegates will receive a CPD certificate following the masterclass.

  • Taking Charge: Control Dilemmas in Family Trust Management
    • One of the most difficult issues families face in succession planning is who should be trustee of a family trust when the parents who established it are no longer willing or able to continue. This session will provide a guide to control management issues and strategies for navigating and avoiding disputes
  • Protecting Vulnerable Family Members through Trusts
    • For a parent, the biggest concern throughout life is the care and welfare of their children. Nothing compounds this situation more than having a child who is vulnerable and has special needs. This session examines estate planning options to safeguard the interests of vulnerable family members
  • Act in Haste Repent in Leisure: Challenges in Trust Deed Variation
    • Trust deeds are complex and comprehensive documents, which is why they must be carefully consulted before any steps are taken under them. This session will examine trust deed amendment in the light of recent decisions which highlight what can go wrong when action is taken without proper consideration of the deed requirements.
  • Heading the Outlaws Off at the Pass in Estate Planning
    • Not all relationships last the distance, and parents are increasingly concerned about protecting their adult children’s potential share of that wealth from a former partner following a relationship breakdown. This session provides a guide to practitioners on estate planning mechanisms for quarantining assets from family court proceedings
  • Second Spouses, the Family Home and the Estate Plan
    • Estate planning for second or later spouses comes with significant challenges, particularly when one partner dies, leaving a spouse or family living in the most valuable asset of the deceased’s estate. This session examines how an estate plan can best manage potential conflict between adult children and surviving spouses regarding the family home
  • Exit Stage Left: Designing an Estate Plan for the Family Business
    • One of the most difficult issues a business owner will face is planning what will happen to the business down track, particularly when family members are involved. This session will provide a guide to family business succession planning and advice on handling some of the most challenging problems that arise when passing on to the next generation.

In addition, all delegates will receive the following on demand video webinars.  These webinars are being recorded in February and will be provided online by end February 2023 for you to view at your leisure by 31.3.23.

  1. Practitioner Executors Dealing with Estate Assets: Practical Ethical Dilemmas (ethics)
  2. Shades of Grey: Professional Responsibility for Determining Capacity (professional skills)
  3. Electronic Documents, the Digital Age and the Succession Law Practice (practice management & business skills)
  4. Border Crossing: Taxing Times for Non-Resident Beneficiaries in the Estate Plan (substantive law)

Paula Tallon, Tax Specialist, Salann Pty Ltd, Sydney, NSW (Chair)

Greg Russo, Partner, Featherbys Lawyers, Melbourne, Vic

Allan Swan, Director, Estate Planning Equation, Melbourne, Vic

Jennifer Dixon, Practice Leader, Moores, Melbourne, Vic

Michelle Griffiths, Partner, TAG Financial Services, Melbourne (Chair)

Matthew Burgess, Principal, View Legal, Brisbane, Qld

Steve Grant, Director, Merthyr Law, Brisbane, Qld

Patrick Ellwood, Director, Clover Law, Brisbane

10 CPD units – 6 substantive law units for attending the Masterclass PLUS we will provide you with 4 free on demand video webinars – 3 covering each of the compulsory subjects (Ethics, Practice Management & Business Skills and Professional Skills) plus one other substantive law program - for you to view at your leisure prior to 31 March 2023.  The recorded webinars will be made available for viewing by end February 2023.

Please check your CPD rules to ensure that you are able to claim 4 CPD units from viewing recorded webinars.  Most states have allowance for claiming CPD for viewing recorded webinars.  [WA practitioners – you cannot claim our recorded webinars as we are unable to verify that you have viewed them].

If you need assistance or have an enquiry, please do not hesitate to contact our Event Coordinator, Hayley Williams–Cameron on (03) 8601 7730 or email: hayley@tved.net.au

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