Business and Property Tax: One Day Online Masterclass

Masterclass,Taxation,Business and Property Tax: One Day Online Masterclass
Wednesday 5 May 2021

9am to 4.35pm AEST

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This masterclass is bookable as a whole day or you may book to attend just the morning or afternoon.

Morning: Property Taxation and Market Values

The last 12 months have created many unique challenges for accountants as they help steer clients through these unprecedented times. In the morning sessions, hear directly from the experts on the key challenges affecting SMEs. Sessions include the availability of tax losses, business sales, restructures and rollovers, as well as the concept of ‘active assets’ in the application of the small business CGT concessions.

  • Tax Traps and Pitfalls for Property Developers
    • Average “mum and dad” investors are dabbling more and more in the property development space without being aware of the numerous tax traps and pitfalls. This session aims to inform accountants and advisers of the various tax issues their clients need to be aware of when they undertake a property development venture.
  • Property Transactions and GST: A Ticking Timebomb for Advisers?
    • Clients regularly undertake property transactions without giving much thought to the possible negative GST consequences of a transaction. Even though the GST regime has been in place since the 2000 income year, advisers themselves are still uncertain about the application of the various rules and concessions that may apply to a particular property transaction.  This session aims to clarify some of the uncertainty.
  • Market Value: Often Used, Rarely Understood
    • The concept of market value is fundamental to several areas of the tax law. Unfortunately, it is not adequately defined anywhere in the tax rules. Moreover, the tax effectiveness of particular schemes or arrangements will often be dependent on the market value of particular assets. This session examines this often misunderstood concept and provides practitioners with some clarity.

Afternoon: Small Business Taxation

With Australia’s property market in a state of instability, the tax and regulatory issues facing accountants have never been greater. The afternoon sessions examine the key tax issues which are front of mind for property developers and their advisers, including tax traps and pitfalls for property developers, property transactions and GST, as well as market value issues

  • Availability of Tax Losses in a Downturn Economy
    • There has always been widespread confusion amongst clients and advisers in relation to the application of the loss recoupment rules for companies and trusts. As the economy emerges from the devastation of the COVID-19 pandemic some taxpayers may now be in the position to recoup losses that they have previously accrued. This session seeks to examine the more complex areas of the loss recoupment rules, along with recent changes brought about by the 2020 Federal Budget.
  • Business Sales, Restructures and Rollovers in a Post COVID Landscape
    • The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted many business owners to rationalise, restructure, sell or transfer their operations. This session examines the tax consequences of such transactions and also highlights any concessions which may be available, as well as the impact of recent Federal Budget changes.
  • Small Business CGT – Are My Assets Active?
    • The concept of an “active asset” is fundamental to the application of the small business CGT concessions. Recent cases have created confusion amongst advisers and their clients in this supposedly “basic” area.  This session seeks to clarify some of the uncertainty.

Andrew Henshaw, Director, Velocity Legal, Melbourne, Sydney [morning chair]

Andy Milidoni, Partner, Johnson Winter & Slattery, Sydney

Andrew Sommer, Partner, Clayton Utz, Sydney

Matthew McKee Partner, Brown Wright Stein Lawyers, Sydney

Rimma Miller, Partner, Minter Ellison, Sydney [afternoon chair]

Raffi Tenenbaum, Tax Director, William Buck, Sydney

Kirsty McDonnell, Partner, Baskin Clarke Priest, Sydney

Natalie Hewson, Partner, FMA Partners, Sydney


Accountants:  6 CPD/Training hours.

All delegates who attend the masterclass will receive a CPD Certificate.


All delegates will receive video recordings of all sessions following the live event.


If you would like to send 3 or more people from your company to this masterclass the following discounts apply:

  • 3 registrations – 5% discount off each registration

  • 4 registrations – 10% discount off each registration

  • 5 or more registrations – 15% discount off each registration

To access this discount simply use the multiple registration option on our website. You can complete all of the registrations in one action and the discount will automatically be applied.


If you need assistance or have an enquiry, please do not hesitate to contact our Event Coordinator, Hayley Williams-Cameron on (03) 8601 7730 or email: [email protected]

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