Mastering the Art of Advocacy: A Half Day Interactive Workshop

Masterclass,Law Other,Mastering the Art of Advocacy: A Half Day Interactive Workshop
Wednesday 18 March 2020

2.00 to 5.30pm

Radisson Hotel & Suites, Sydney

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Learning the techniques of advocacy is an evolving process.  Solicitor advocates must continue developing advocacy skills throughout their careers.  Whether you are a junior and mid-career solicitor seeking to morph into an effective advocate, or an experienced practitioner seeking to fine-tune your skills, this half-day interactive workshop will give you a competitive edge.

Facilitated by one of Australia’s most highly regarded litigators, Geoffrey Adelstein, participants in this hands-on workshop will benefit from personalised, objective feedback to arm you with the skills to present your case flawlessly and persuasively in the courtroom.

Mastering the Foundations of Good Advocacy: Case Theories and Notices of Motion

Good advocacy is an essential skill for lawyers, and the foundation of persuasive advocacy is identifying and effectively presenting your client’s case theory and filing appropriate notices of motion. This practical session unpacks the key essentials and guides you through the tricks of the trade, with opportunities for participants to practice these techniques and skills using case studies. This session covers:

  • Case theory:
    • What is it?
    • Which factual issues are in controversy?
    • How do you identify it?
    • When do you present it?
  •  Notice of Motion:
    • Identifying its purpose – what are you trying to achieve?
    • How does the motion fit into the proceedings?
    • Justifying the relief sought – making a compelling argument
    • Tips and tricks with written submissions
  • Practical case studies with opportunities for personal feedback 

Advocacy and the Plea

Effective plea making can be one of the most difficult tasks for an advocate. This practical session will help you achieve more favourable outcomes for your clients by improving your plea making skills and confidence when acting as your client’s advocate. It covers:

  • Telling a story – presenting the plea in the right way
  • Covering the salient points – what’s in and what’s out?
  • Identifying what makes a good plea
  • Traps to avoid in plea making
  • Practical case studies with opportunities for personal feedback

Advocacy Challenges with Expert Evidence

Unique advocacy challenges can arise when dealing with an expert. This practical session highlights the trips and tricks for dealing with experts and other professional witnesses. It covers:

  • The role of the expert in court, arbitration and expert determination
  • How much you need to know before you formally instruct your expert
  • Instructions to experts – getting them right
  • How involved should lawyers be in assisting experts to draft?
  • The fine line between pre-trial conferences and coaching
  • How to plan questioning of witnesses
  • Effective cross examination of expert witnesses
  • Re-examination strategies
  • Practical case studies with opportunities for personal feedback

Geoffrey Adelstein is Principal of Adelstein Solicitors of Sydney. He has been practising as a Lawyer for over 42 years and is an Accredited Specialist in Advocacy and Persona Injury.

In his long career, he has practised extensively in personal injury litigation, having acted for injured persons and Insurers. He has been a Supreme and District Court Arbitrator, a CARS Assessor and Workers Compensation Arbitrator.

In more recent times he completed his Masters in Commercial Litigation. He appears regularly as an Advocate across jurisdictions and is presenting an interactive Case Study on Medical Negligence and Solicitors Negligence.

  -  Masterclass,Law Other,Mastering the Art of Advocacy: A Half Day Interactive Workshop

All delegates will receive a CPD certificate for attending the workshop.  This is a professional skills workshop – 3 CPD units.


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