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 Recorded Webinar: GST Issues for Amateur Developers


Date: Friday 5th February 2021
Duration: 1 Hour

Inexperienced developers undertaking their first project may include private individuals who see a great opportunity to capitalise on a particular block of land, or an investor who decides to undertake a one-off development project with the intention to only sell enough units to cover the cost of development and to hold the rest as investments. This session considers the specific GST issues that arise with these types of taxpayers, including:

  • Does the taxpayer need to register for GST?
    • Is the taxpayer carrying on an enterprise - is there an adventure or concern in the nature of trade?
    • Pros and cons of registering voluntarily
  • If registration is required, when should it be done?
    • Advantages of leaving registration as late as possible if margin scheme is available in relation to the property
    • Claiming construction costs
  • Key GST issues to consider:
    • Should they use the margin scheme?
    • Potential adjustment events if property is held rather than sold
    • How long can the development be held for before it stops being new residential premises, and what are the consequences?
Recorded Webinars,GST and Indirect Taxes,Recorded Webinar: GST Issues for Amateur Developers

Adrian Cartland, Principal, Cartland Law, Adelaide

Adrian has worked as a tax lawyer in top tier law firms as well as boutique tax practices. He has helped people overcome harsh tax laws, advised on and designed tax efficient transactions and structures, and has successfully resolved a number of difficult tax disputes against the ATO and against State Revenue departments. Adrian is known for his innovative advice and ideas and also for his entertaining and insightful professional speeches.


This webinar is suitable for accountants and lawyers advising in GST and Property Law – Australia wide. This webinar is for practitioners with some knowledge in this area and looking to improve their knowledge.


Accountants can claim up to 1 CPD/Training hour.  FASEA – category “Technical Competence” – 1 hour.  Lawyers can claim up to 1 CPD units/point – substantive law.  This webinar has been designed to run for 1 hour, however, webinar lengths can vary depending on the level of questions and discussion.

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