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 RECORDED WEBINAR: How to Conduct a Better Investigation into Financial Misconduct by Employees

Wednesday 26th March 2014

Duration:  2 hours

Conducting an effective investigation into financial irregularities is one of the tougher jobs the accountancy profession undertakes and, for that matter, that in-house counsel brief out.  This presentation, designed for both in-house counsel who instruct  and external accountants who carry out the investigations, will review and explain the key considerations and discuss how to do these jobs effectively and correctly, including: 

  • Expertise and authority to conduct investigations
  • Adherence to professional standards – APES215 Forensic Accounting Services
  • Identifying potential financial misconduct
  • What to do when you suspect it
  • The role of in-house counsel in an investigation – what to include in the brief, outline of purpose and legal professional privilege
  • How to conduct the investigation: investigation scope - tips and traps - use of advanced technology - gathering evidence - what to do if you find misconduct - preparing the report
  • Common contexts for disputes and allegations: employee misappropriation - financial statement fraud - acquisition disputes
  • After the report: recovering ill-gotten gains - asset tracing
  • Reporting to regulatory authorities 
This webinar is suitable for: Corporate lawyers, in-house Counsel and forensic accountants – all States and territories
PRESENTED BY: Forde Nicolaides, Principal, Deloitte, Melbourne
Forde is a Principal in Deloitte’s Forensic practice in Melbourne, specialising in forensic accounting and litigation support services. Forde has worked in the forensic and insolvency fields for approximately 23 years and has strong skills in complex financial crime investigations, including asset tracing, reconstruction of accounting and financial records, corruption investigations and assessment of transactions that may result in recovery of funds in the context of litigation.
PRESENTED BY: Siobhan Hennessy, Partner, Deloitte, Melbourne
Prior to joining Deloitte, Siobhan Hennessy worked in a global law firm providing in-house litigation consulting services on financial and accounting issues. Her experience allows her to provide assistance to legal teams in obtaining and analysing evidence, interviewing potential witnesses, building financial models and performing data analysis. In addition, Siobhan also has an audit and financial services background. Siobhan’s specialisation includes: Forensic accounting service arising from litigation and Investigations into accounting irregularities.
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