RECORDED WEBINAR: Boost Your Productivity by Managing Your Time

Tuesday 16th June 2015
Duration: approx. 1 hour
This webinar is designed to give participants the skills and strategies to effectively handle a highly demanding workplace environment. One that is focused on growth and making things happen.
Never before have we had so many tools and resources at our disposal to help get things done. Never before have we had so many tools that can distract us from what we need to do.
This webinar will discuss how to apply the three key pillars to achieving increased levels of productivity:
  1. Your focus, the number one skill in getting the important outcomes achieved
  2. Your habits, this covers how you work and practical ways to be more in control
  3. Your process, the actual process you have mapped out for what you do ranging from managing emails and utilising to-do lists to delegating tasks.
During this webinar, Elliot Hayes will cover:
  1. Email management
  2. How to handle interruptions – email, voicemail, mobile calls - to protect your focus and get the important priorities actioned
  3. How to establish habits that will serve your productivity and decrease procrastination
  4. How to maintain your focus and clarity on the most important priorities
  5. How to maintain energy levels throughout the day to keep your productivity high
  6. To-do list management and how to effectively prioritise the competing demands on a daily, weekly and quarterly basis
  7. Inspiring Change in People & Business
In this hands on and practical webinar, participants will develop a plan of action for the next ninety days. A follow up guide for managers to use with staff who have participated in the training will also be provided.
PRESENTED BY: Elliot Hayes, Manager, About Time Management Solutions, Melbourne
Elliot Hayes has worked across many different industries – ranging from telecommunications to film and television to corporate training and development. It was during his tenure as manager of one of the top Optus franchises in Australia that he began to develop his skills as a trainer and educator.
Elliot has been delivering coaching, training programs and keynote presentations on productivity, technology and communication skills for more than ten years. During that time, he has worked with over ten thousand people, including some of the top companies in Australia. His focus is helping them create a high performance workplace.
Elliot is also one of the few accredited trainers in Australia in the ‘KnowBrainer Innovation Training’, specialising in innovative sales and marketing strategies. He has featured in BRW, The AGE, and his clients include, Australia Post, Telstra, Department of Justice and Optus.
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