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 Recorded Webinar: Doing the Pre-Purchase Due Diligence on Building Conditions (Qld)

Recorded: 15th February 2022

Duration:  55 minutes


The state of repair of a building can make or break a sale, but in circumstances where condition and defects are not evident to the ordinary person, what can a purchaser do to minimise risk or terminate the contract? This session will provide guidance on effective due diligence a practitioner should be advising their purchaser client to do and strategies when defects are found, including:

  • Key elements of building and pest condition clauses
  • Condition deadlines and why they are important
  • What are the obligations of a purchaser? What does an obligation to act reasonably” require?
  • Building report parameters and content – instructing the inspector
  • When will a building inspection report be “unsatisfactory” for the purposes of the sale? Consideration of issues such as:
  • building age
  • quantity and severity of problems
  • extent to which issues were evident to the purchaser at the time of contract
  • Is a vendor under an obligation to rectify issues raised in the inspection report?
  • What circumstances will allow a purchaser to terminate?
  • When can a vendor terminate?
  • Alternatives to termination, including negotiation of price or rectification options and associated drafting guides
  • A discussion of relevant cases
  • Recent State legislative developments in strata building defects and owners corporation obligations for the protection of purchasers
Recorded Webinars,Property Law,Recorded Webinar:  Doing the Pre-Purchase Due Diligence on Building Conditions (Qld)

James Harding, Special Counsel, Holding Redlich, Cairns

Combining his small business and entrepreneurial background with a deep understanding of complex issues in the property and development industry, James provides strategic advice for clients across Queensland.

From corporate and government projects to private clients, James delivers practical solutions across the full gamut of commercial transactions including large-scale off-the-plan projects and intricate property development issues.

Having been an employer and running successful small businesses in addition to his career in the law, James brings a unique blend of commercial insights and legal expertise to every client transaction.


This webinar is suitable for junior lawyers practising in property law in Queensland. 


Lawyers can claim 1 CPD unit – substantive law

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