Recorded Webinar: Tracing Provisions in Landholder Duty

As landholder duty passes into its second decade, the provisions relating to indirect holdings become more complex. This session considers recent changes to the landholder provisions, including consideration of:
  • Identifying subsidiaries and linked entities – who is caught?
    • case study: tracing through discretionary trusts
    • when is a person is related to a beneficiary or a related person of a beneficiary - are directors caught?
    • what if a company is a potential beneficiary of a trust?
  • What is included as land?
    • are lease-holding improvements an interest in land? Victoria versus NSW, WA and Queensland
    • are tenants’ fixtures in or out?
Recorded Webinars,Stamp duties and State Taxes,Recorded Webinar: Tracing Provisions in Landholder Duty

Andrew Wright, Special Counsel, Maddocks, Melbourne

Andrew has significant experience in advising Australian corporate and family groups, property developers, accountants and other professional advisers on all areas of Federal and State taxation law.  Andrew’s areas of expertise include advising on complex stamp duty and land tax issues (Australia wide), GST, GAIC and income tax law issues arising for corporate groups.  Andrew regularly provides advice on structuring of businesses and transactions, mergers and acquisitions, sale of land and businesses and corporate reorganisations.  Andrew also regularly liaises with the Australian Taxation Office and State revenue authorities in managing investigations, audits and disputes.


This webinar is suitable for lawyers advising on duty – Australia wide. This webinar is for practitioners with some knowledge in this area and looking to improve their knowledge.

CPD:  1 hour (substantive law)

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