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 Recorded Webinar: Ethics for Financial Advisers - Identifying Impermissible Benefits

Date: 17/2/20

Once the Code of Ethics comes into effect on 1 January 2020, advisers will be prohibited from receiving benefits from third parties other than their principals. This session examines what might constitute a ‘benefit’ having regard to a number of practical scenarios, including:

  • Understanding what the obligations are up to 1 January 2020 and subsequently
  • Referring clients:
    • Can you refer to others in your network?
    • What happens if you refer your clients to an adviser who recommends your products?
  • Can you recommend your model portfolios to clients?
  • What client disclosures need to be made?
  • What disclosure is required where the adviser has an indirect financial interest (via a company or trust) in a financial product that is recommended?
Recorded Webinars,Financial planning,Recorded Webinar: Ethics for Financial Advisers - Identifying Impermissible Benefits

Grace Mitsioulis, Lawyer, Hall & Wilcox, Melbourne

Grace has taken a particular interest the professionalisation of the financial advice industry. She has advised on the Professional Standards of Financial Advisers legislation and the practical impact that the FASEA Code of Ethics will have on the industry. Grace has broad experience advising on licensing, disclosure and compliance in relation to Chapter 7 of the Corporations Act.

In relation to superannuation, Grace has advised on regulatory, compliance, disclosure documents, investment, and contractual issues, including acting in fund mergers and acquisitions.


This webinar is suitable for financial planners – Australia wide. This webinar is for practitioners with some knowledge in this area and looking to improve their knowledge.


Viewers are advised to read the technical paper accompanying this program prior to viewing the program.  That combined with viewing the program (40 minutes) will allow accountants to claim 1 CPD/Training hour.  FASEA – category “Technical Competence” – 1 hour.

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