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 The Ugly Side of Parenting Matters - recorded half-day online conference

Recorded Online Conference,Family Law,The Ugly Side of Parenting Matters - recorded half-day online conference
Wednesday 4th March 2020

Duration:  3 hours

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You can put your staff in the boardroom and watch it there.  You can watch it on your computer or on your portable electronic device.  All for the same low price.

The conference will be based on our highly successful video webinar technology: there’ll be a chairperson, a panel of experts, presentations and discussion.

Session 1:  The Problem of Parental Alienation in Family Law

It’s not unusual in marriage or relationship breakdowns for an acrimonious dispute to arise between the respective couple. However, what happens when one party turns the children against the other party? This session covers:

  • What is being said and how do you prove it? How parental alienation arises

  • What are the implications for the parent being accused?

  • Through the child’s eyes – understanding the impact of parental alienation

  • How the Courts might rule on parental alienation

  • Practical strategies when advising clients

Session 2: Contravention Cases: When Parents Don’t Comply

Recent high-profile examples have shone a spotlight on the challenges that arise when one parent fails to return a child in contravention of parenting orders. This session examines the myriad of evidentiary and procedural requirements involved in contravention proceedings. It covers:

  • What does the Court consider to be a “reasonable excuse” in contravention cases?

  • When is it time to act and alert the authorities?

  • What is the procedure involved for legal representatives?

  • What do you tell your client?

  • When does “running late” cross over to the criminal jurisdiction?

  • What should be in the application and supporting application?

  • Cost orders and penalties

Session 3:  Domestic Violence: The Fundamentals for Family Lawyers

Domestic violence is an unfortunate reality for many clients. This session examines the key issues family lawyers must consider when dealing with domestic violence matters, particularly in parenting matters. It covers:

  • Types of domestic violence – physical, economic, technological

  • How easy is it to get a DV order?

  • Dynamic between state and federal courts

  • Domestic violence – its impact on presumptions of parental responsibility and parenting orders

  • How does domestic violence impact the mediation requirement?

  • How do state-based family violence orders sit with parenting orders of the Family Court?:

    • what happens when there is a family violence order in place but no parenting order?

    • what if there is a family violence order and parenting order in place and they are in conflict?

  • Reporting obligations and domestic violence


Paul Staindl, Managing Director and Accredited Family Law Specialist, Clancy & Triado, Melbourne (Chair)

Minal Vohra SC, Barrister, Melbourne

Suzanne Christie SC, Barrister, Sydney

Katherine Manby, Accredited Family Law Specialist, VM Family Law, Qld

  • It was just like being at a well run conference but in many ways better. 
  • This option is of great assistance to country practitioners.
  • The live online conference format worked well and made the speakers more engaging than a recording.
  • Our team used the boardroom.  We could talk and discuss the presentation without feeling we were imposing on others and you could submit a question, which we did.  All from the comfort of our own office.
  • The conference was well organised and the email links very useful.

Lawyers can claim up to 3 CPD units/points – substantive law.

If you need assistance or have an enquiry, please do not hesitate to contact our Event Coordinator, Lisa Tran on (03) 8601 7709 or email: lisa@tved.net.au

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