Recorded Webinar: Drafting Bespoke Family Law Affidavits and Achieving Your Aims


28th May 2020
Duration:  approx. 1 hour


Rules of evidence apply for affidavits, which means objections to admissibility can be made. This requires clear drafting on relevant issues to ensure contents of affidavits are admissible. This session includes:

  • Understanding court rules in the drafting process

  • Broader narrative versus the precise statement – what approach to take

  • Rules of evidence and drafting imperatives

  • Concentrating on admissible evidence and avoiding unnecessary argument

  • Distinction between financial and parenting affidavits

  • Should it be chronological or topic based?

  • Effective use of annexures and exhibits

  • Differences between interim and trial affidavits

  • When to use an index or contents table

  • Practice Directives on affidavits

  • Case study – What really gets judges upset about affidavits

Recorded Webinars,Family Law,Recorded Webinar:  Drafting Bespoke Family Law Affidavits and Achieving Your Aims

Richard Hamilton, Senior Lawyer, Nevett Ford Lawyers, Melbourne

Richard leads the Family Law practice group.  Richard appears in trials, mediations and procedural hearings regularly in the Federal Circuit Court and Family Court of Australia to represent clients in respect of their family law matters on both financial and child related issues.

Richard has completed accreditation as a mediator and has a reputation of being able to resolve matters before trial.  Richard has much experience in complex high value matters; involving disputes to business valuations, identifying hidden assets, taxation consequences for financial settlements and engaging experts where necessary to dispute opposing parties’ arguments.

Richard’s child law practice has seen him advise on issues such as special needs children, instances of past and protection against future child abuse, psychological assessments of parents and other potential child carers.


This webinar is suitable for family lawyers throughout Australia. This webinar is for practitioners with some knowledge in this area and looking to improve their knowledge.

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