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 Recorded Webinar: 3 CPD Compulsory Topics for Lawyers – a national webinar for lawyers


Friday 27th March 2020 **
Duration:  3 hours

** note:  the recording of this webinar will NOT be available for viewing until early April.  If you need compulsories for viewing prior to the CPD year ending 31.3.20 you should check our list of CPD compulsory webinars and choose ones that are available. **

This webinar comprises 3 one-hour sessions covering each of the compulsory CPD subjects for lawyers.

Session 1: Professional Skills

Assessing a Client’s Capacity to Give Instructions 

Central to the lawyer-client relationship is that a practitioner must be able to rely and act on instructions given by a client. However, what if a lawyer has doubts about their client’s ability to give instructions? Recognizing the signals of incapacity, physical or otherwise, and how to deal with it is the subject of this session. It includes:

  • Understanding Solicitor Conduct Rules on client capacity

  • Recognizing signals and signs of incapacity during client interviews – spotlight on mental health, disability and other issues affecting capacity

  • What to do when you have doubt about a client’s capacity

  • Recording initial mental capacity assessment

  • When to refer client and to whom

  • Talking about capacity with the client

  • When to seek a substitute decision maker

  • Case study – capacity checklist for lawyers

  • Case report – Ryan v Dalton [2017] NSWSC 1007

Session 2: Practice Management & Business Skills

Creating Digital Content and Measuring Its Return: A Primer for Lawyers

Digital marketing, newsletters, tweeting – how effective is it all really?  This session looks at the various ways you can create social content and what returns you can expect.  The types of things working for lawyers may surprise you.  This session will take a detailed look at the various social mediums around and how you can develop your social media skills. It covers:

  • Digital marketing – Facebook and Instagram ads for lawyers – is it appropriate and where has it been done well?

  • Developing your social media profile – what are they steps?

  • Specialist v generalist – what is your message?

  • Managing your social media profile – which platforms?

  • To tweet or not to tweet – should you use Twitter?

  • Case studies on effective social media use for practitioners

Session 3:  Legal Ethics

The Ethics of Settlements: When Resolving Disputes Can Come Back to Bite You

Clients sometimes have second thoughts after settling a major piece of litigation. Often, when faced with settlement remorse, an easy target is the client’s legal team. But, what are the ethical duties of a practitioner advising settlement, particularly in difficult or hard-fought litigation? And do the ethical waters become murkier when the matter is being run on a contingency basis?  This session unravels the ethical issues:

  • Advising on settlements – ethical obligations explained
  • Short time frames, costs and other pressures  impacting settlement decisions – what ethical difficulties do they create?
  • Contingency arrangements, litigation funding arrangements and settlement:
    • what are your ethical duties?
    • who should be involved in the decision to settle?
  • How much coercion can lawyers put on clients to accept settlement?
Recorded Webinars,Legal CPD Compulsory Subject/s,Recorded Webinar:  3 CPD Compulsory Topics for Lawyers – a national webinar for lawyers

Jen McMillan, Legal Risk Manager, Lawcover, Sydney

Jen McMillan was admitted to practice in New South Wales in 1989 and in Western Australia in 1992.  She is a Law Society of NSW accredited specialist in wills and estates and has extensive experience in this area in private practice and with a trustee company and as the Practice Leader – Wills and Estates in the College of Law’s LLM (Applied Law) program and as a former part-time Senior Member (Legal) in the Guardianship Division of the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

Jen is a member of the NSW Law Society Elder Law and Succession Committee and a member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners.  Jen is a Legal Risk Manager with Lawcover.

Recorded Webinars,Legal CPD Compulsory Subject/s,Recorded Webinar:  3 CPD Compulsory Topics for Lawyers – a national webinar for lawyers

Noric Dilanchian, Special Counsel, Nexus Law Group, Sydney 

Noric’s approach to practice is multidisciplinary, integrating legal, business and innovation strategy to brand, protect, document, manage, market and commercialise intellectual property, digital media, technology and knowledge assets.

Since 1983 he has continuously worked as a business lawyer. In previous position Noric led Dilanchian Lawyers from 2000 to 2018 and before that he worked as a lawyer in national and medium-sized law firms. His first position was in-house counsel with Angus & Robertson Publishers. He graduated from the University of New South Wales with degrees in Arts and Law.

Recorded Webinars,Legal CPD Compulsory Subject/s,Recorded Webinar:  3 CPD Compulsory Topics for Lawyers – a national webinar for lawyers

Geoffrey Adelstein, Principal, Adelstein Solicitors, Sydney

Geoffrey has been practising as a Lawyer for over 42 years and is an Accredited Specialist in Advocacy and Persona Injury.

In his long career, he has practised extensively in personal injury litigation, having acted for injured persons and Insurers. He has been a Supreme and District Court Arbitrator, a CARS Assessor and Workers Compensation Arbitrator.

In more recent times he completed his Masters in Commercial Litigation. He appears regularly as an Advocate across jurisdictions and is presenting an interactive Case Study on Medical Negligence and Solicitors Negligence.


This webinar is suitable for lawyers - Australia wide and it has been designed to deliver the 3 compulsory subject CPD units.

If you need assistance or have an enquiry, please do not hesitate to contact our Webinar Coordinator, Lisa Tran on (03) 8601 7709 or email: lisa@tved.net.au
Recorded Webinars,Legal CPD Compulsory Subject/s,Recorded Webinar:  3 CPD Compulsory Topics for Lawyers – a national webinar for lawyers

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