Trusts and the Invincible Estate Plan - a miniseries of 3 one hour video webinars


Trusts continue to be the vehicle of choice to protect and transfer client wealth. These days, it’s not just about passing over control of the family assets, but also minimizing the risks of attack and depredation – particularly from within. In this three-part webinar miniseries, learn directly from the experts on how to best use trusts to manage these threats and apply some of the best techniques for achieving your clients’ estate planning goals.

Topics covered include how to structure testamentary trusts to maximise their effectiveness, the use of testamentary trusts to protect family members from themselves, as well as practical strategies to transfer control of family trusts to the next generation whilst minimizing the risks of family disputes.


Family Trust or Family Feud? Transferring Control of Family Trusts to the Next Generation

Transferring family trusts to the next generation can be fraught with danger. Clients need to proceed carefully, or else run the risk of assets being dissipated in a costly family feud. This session will examine what the key risks are when transferring wealth and control to the next generation and how to best minimise family disputes. It covers:

  • Managing control of family trusts - understanding the legal mechanisms

  • What should the power of appointment provide?

  • Key considerations if variation is required

  • Determining the objective of the transfer:

    • to one child/family group

    • to some children

    • to all children

  • How to best manage trust control

  • Rights of discretionary objects in disputes

  • Keeping the peace:

    • Use of family agreements

    • Shareholder agreements

    • Family constitutions

    • Dispute resolution provisions

Testamentary Trusts Part One: Structuring for Maximum Impact

Testamentary trusts provide testators with the rare opportunity to protect family wealth and pass on assets in a tax-advantaged manner. However, not all testamentary trusts are prepared equal. This practical session examines the key structural issues with testamentary trusts to maximise their effectiveness as an asset protection tool. It covers:

  • Why use a testamentary trust - key benefits and uses

  • Getting the essentials right:

    • beneficiaries

    • appointors

    • trustees

  • One or multiple testamentary trusts?

  • Testamentary trusts and changes under 2018 budget:

  • concessional tax rates available to minors limitations

  • when will adult marginal tax rates apply?

  • are superannuation assets outside deceased’s estate

  • setting up a Superannuation Proceeds Testamentary Trust

  • Getting the income clause right

  • Income streaming with testamentary discretionary trusts

  • Vesting issues

Testamentary Trusts Part Two: Protecting Family Members from Themselves

A key benefit of testamentary trusts is their ability to protect family members from themselves. Family “black sheep” can come in many shapes and forms: financial irresponsibility, insolvency risks, and addictions - such as drugs, alcohol or gambling. Protection of family wealth is key in these situations and, if done right, testamentary trusts can be the ideal way of shielding the assets. This presentation will show you how, including:

  • Types of protective trusts

  • What’s required for beneficiaries with:

    • An addiction

    • Financial irresponsibility

    • Warring siblings

    • Blended families

  • Key issues in structuring and drafting when dealing with difficult situations

  • Testamentary trusts and family law - trusts and property of the parties versus financial resource

  • Testamentary trusts and managing bankruptcy and litigation risk


Webinar Series,Taxation,Trusts and the Invincible Estate Plan - a miniseries of 3 one hour video webinars

Daniel Smedley, Principal, Sladen Legal, Melbourne

Daniel Smedley, CTA, enjoys solving complex taxation and trust law issues for private enterprise clients. He is also a trusted confidant in planning the succession of his client’s personal and business affairs.

Daniel is a Chartered Tax Advisor with The Tax Institute, accredited as a specialist in Taxation Law with the Law Institute of Victoria, and the principal author of the Trust Structures Guide, recognised by The Tax Institute as "the leading resource for anyone advising on trusts, structuring and planning issues".

Since 2016, Daniel has appeared in the list of one of Australia's “Best Lawyers of the Year” in the practice of tax law. The list is compiled by Best Lawyers and published in the Australian Financial Review. Daniel has also been recognised in Doyles Guide as a recommended tax lawyer since 2016.

Webinar Series,Taxation,Trusts and the Invincible Estate Plan - a miniseries of 3 one hour video webinars

Greg Russo, Partner, Featherbys Lawyers, Melbourne

Greg Russo is a partner at Featherbys Barristers and Solicitors.

He is a LIV Wills and Estates Accredited Specialist, a Member of the LIV Specialist Accreditation Education Advisory Committee and the LIV Wills and Estates Advisory Committee.

In the last few years he has organised, chaired, moderated and presented at a number of LIV events, mainly in the area of Wills and Estates. 


This video webinar miniseries includes the following components:

  • Online access to the 3 one hour video webinar programs covering the subjects listed in this brochure

  • The 3 programs will be recorded in February and available to subscribers online in late March 2020.

  • Online access to the technical support papers and/or powerpoint presentations accompanying each program


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