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Sound Education Subscriptions

Accountants Sound Education Select 33

Sound Education is an audio update service sold via annual subscription. It provides an easy way to stay up to date and earn CPD.

About the Subscription

Single DVD
An audio update service providing a flexible and easy way to stay up to date and earn CPD hours  

Accountants Sound Education Select gives you the option of choosing the programs you want from all of the programs we produce each month for Sound Education in Taxation (including the GST Supplement and Tax Supplement programs) and Sound Education in Superannuation audio subscription services.

If you don’t need the full coverage our regular services offer, Accountants Sound Education Select lets you choose only the programs you want. 

Accountants Sound Education Select enables you to stay up to date outside of your busy billable hours – available via podcast - listen to it in the car, on the train or whilst you're at the gym.

  • Unlimited access to SubscriberFirst - TEN's subscriber website containing a vast library of technical papers from all our tax and accounting programs
  • New programs are released each month but you can pick and choose when you wish to download them up to your annual limit.
  • Regular expert commentary from leading tax experts
  • The SubscriberFirst discount of 10% off any other products you purchase from TEN in addition to this subscription – including conferences and webinars
  • Canberra Report:  Our producer, Rob Clemente, reports on new legislation, Tax Rulings and the latest releases from the Commissioner and the Treasurer in the Canberra Report.
  • GST Report: Covering recent legislative and government developments and ATO releases as well as case law and rulings, plus one special feature program covering a topical GST issue.
  • Super Report: Regular legislative update including Government announcements and regulatory material including Superannuation Rulings, Determinations, Drafts, Fact Sheets, etc. as they are issued and coverage cases on super - AAT, Federal Court and High Court decisions when they are handed down.
  • Tax Casewatch:  We analyse the important decisions from the Federal Court and the AAT.
  • Special Features:  As well as our regular features (above) we also bring you four to six special feature programs to choose from each month.
Subjects:  monthly coverage of subjects of interest to tax advisers whose clients include individuals, SMEs and property developers and investors including programs covering superannuation and GST, and some programs annually on corporate and international tax issues.

Accountants Sound Education Select 33 - Allows you to choose 33 programs a year

Accountants Sound Education Select 44 - Allows you to choose 44 programs a year

Accountants Sound Education Select 55 - Allows you to choose 55 programs a year

Accountants Sound Education Select 77 - Allows you to choose 77 programs a year


An annual subscription to Accountants Sound Education Select provides practitioners with the ability to earn CPD units.

Select 33 – approx. 10 CPD hours p.a.

Select 44 – approx. 14 CPD hours p.a.

Select 55 – approx. 18 CPD hours p.a.

Select 77 – approx. 22 CPD hours p.a.



If you need assistance or have an enquiry, please do not hesitate to contact us, on (03) 8601 7700 or email: [email protected]

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