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FREE READ: Heading the outlaws off at the pass

FREE READ: Estate Planning CPD

Free read estate planning june 13 2024

Subject: Estate Planning
Author: Matthew Burgess, Director, View Legal
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Matthew Burgess, Director, View Legal provides a guide to the key estate planning mechanisms for quarantining assets from family court proceedings, including:
a. What does the Family Court look for in assessing assets available for property
b. How effective are family trusts in protecting property from third party claims?
c. Strategies for drafting trust deeds and managing distributions to fend of former
partner claims
d. Structuring testamentary trusts for asset protection
e. Can a Binding Financial Agreement effectively prevent claims against trust assets
and wider family property?
f. Key cases, including Rigby & Kingston (No 4) [2021] FamCA 50

Our Free Reads are sourced from technical papers presented by our faculty at recent  Webinars  or Conferences.

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