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Recorded Webinar Subscriptions

Lawyers Webinar Select 5 & Five Live Webinars

Webinar Select is an annual subscription service providing online access to our large library of on demand webinars. The library is updated monthly and the level of subscription determines your program entitlement.

About this Subscription

Single DVD
Choose from all the webinars that we run – the ultimate in flexibility  

Lawyers Recorded Webinars Select is an online service for lawyers delivered via recorded video webinars.

  • Subscribers get to choose the recorded webinars they want from all of the webinars that we run each month.
  • Following the conclusion of each month (except December and January when we do not run any webinars) we will upload the webinars from the previous month and make them available for selection.
  • Each month, we will email you to let you know when the latest recorded webinars are available. You can then choose your recorded webinars from the Subscriber First website whenever you like.

You get an annual entitlement that you can “spend” as you choose.

Some months you might want 5 or 6 recorded webinars, and other months only a few recorded webinars and other months none. The choice is yours.

  • Select 10 - Allows you to choose 10 recorded webinars per year
  • Select 20 - Allows you to choose 20 recorded webinars per year
  • Select 30 - Allows you to choose 30 recorded webinars per year
  • Select 40 - Allows you to choose 40 recorded webinars per year
  • Select 50 - Allows you to choose 50 recorded webinars per year

If you exceed your program entitlement in your subscription year, you can purchase extra webinars.

If you don’t use all of your entitlement in your current subscription period any credits remaining will be carried over to your next subscription period upon renewal.


All of our video webinar programs feature a professional who is an expert in their field.  We engage speakers from law firms and from the Bar – Australia wide.


As a subscriber you are entitled to a 10% discount on all other purchases from TEN including conferences.

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