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Webinar Series

The New FCFCOA: Beyond the Basics and into the Strategy - a series of 5 on demand video webinars

The new FCFCOA has been in operation long enough for us to understand the basic rules, but how has the new regime played out in practice? In this five part webinar series, skip over the fundamentals and dive straight into the strategy and learn directly from the experts on the ke



About the webinar series

The new FCFCOA has been in operation long enough for us to understand the basic rules, but how has the new regime played out in practice? In this five part webinar series, skip over the fundamentals and dive straight into the strategy and learn directly from the experts on the key issues that have emerged in the new landscape. Sessions include how to make the most out of pre-action procedures, maximising interim orders and hearings, practical issues associated with the new disclosure rules, as well as tips and tricks in navigating the National Contravention List. The series also includes a deep dive into managing cost risk and how family lawyers can avoid being in the firing line.

Training for as many staff as you want - no additional cost!

A single purchase entitles your company to access the on demand webinars online as you require them for as many training sessions and for as many staff as you want.

On demand webinars and technical papers

Once you purchase the series you will have access not only to the on demand webinars but also to the detailed technical papers prepared by members of the faculty for this series. You can download copies of these together with copies of the PowerPoint slides used in the presentation.

The Programs

Pre-Action Procedures and Managing Client Expectations in the FCFCOA

When it comes to managing family law disputes in the FCFCOA, careful consideration of the pre-action process is key. This session provides clarity over how this should be handled, whilst also managing client expectations in this new landscape. It includes:

  • Preparing the client for the new requirements
  • Importance of ensuring clients understand the new rules
  • The importance of identifying issues in dispute and best resolution method
  • Notice of intention to start proceedings – when does this apply?
  • Filing of Genuine Steps Certificate – understanding a ‘genuine attempt’
  • Understanding the case management Pathway under the CPD
  • Pre-action check lists for your practice

Interlocutory Orders in the FCFCOA: Practice and Procedure

This session looks at how family lawyers can best navigate the new process for interim orders and hearings in the FCFCOA, with a focus on the following:

  • Process and procedure for hearing of interlocutory matter
  • Understanding service and notice requirements
  • Affidavits in support – some practical tips in preparation
  • Process for obtaining hearing adjournment
  • The key rules on interlocutory orders:
    • timing of filing interim parenting orders: Rule 5.03
    • response times: Rules 5.05
    • rules on affidavits: Rules 5.07 5.08
  • Hearings on the papers and supporting submission- Rules 5.13 – 5.15
  • Interlocutory hearing checklists

Disclosure Rules: Practical and Procedural Guidelines

This session looks at the disclosure rules and their operation in the new court system, with a focus on the practical and procedural elements practitioners need to consider. It covers:

  • The duty of disclosure - an overview
  • Rules on duty of disclosure – Rules 6.01 – 6.04
  • Disclosure in parenting matters – Rule 6.05
  • Financial disclosure and classes of documents – Rule 6.06
  • Procedural issues – Rule 6.09
  • Subpoenas and Notice to Produce
  • Practical and procedural things to watch on disclosure

Managing Cost Risk in the FCFCOA

New cost procedures place even more pressure on practitioners. Care is needed and this session looks at the key issues in managing and reducing cost risk. It includes

  • Managing practitioner obligation and client expectation on costs – an overview
  • Cost disclosure obligations – Rules 12.05 – 12.07
  • Rules on managing legal costs – 12.4.1 – 12.4.2
  • Cost orders including failing to comply with the Rules – Rule 12.13 – 12.15
  • When might cost orders be made against solicitors
  • Security for costs – Rules 12.02 – 12.04
  • Calculation of costs – Rule 12.17 – 12.19
  • Obligations to manage litigation in accordance with the new overarching principles in the CPD
  • Case studies

National Contravention List in the FCFCOA

A key element of the new FCFCOA has been the introduction of the National Contravention List to deal with non-compliance with court orders in family law cases. The changes to the rules are significant, and this practical session examines the new landscape, including:

  • Why a new National Contravention List?
  • How does the new List differ to how contraventions were previously dealt with?
  • Unpacking the Family Law Practice Direction – National Contravention List
  • Tips and tricks to navigating the new landscape
  • Worked examples and lessons from reported cases referring to the core principles

Presented By

Monica Blizzard
Equity Director, Accredited Family Law Specialist, KHQ Melbourne, Vic.
Adam Cooper
Principal, Cooper Family Law Brisbane, Qld
Barry Berger
Berger Kordos Lawyers
Wendy Kayler-Thomson
Partner and Accredited Family Law Specialist , Forte Family Lawyers Melbourne, Vic
Evelyn Young
Partner and Accredited Family Law Specialist, Mitchell Family Law Melbourne, Vic


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