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The ACTIVE Method for choosing your Legal CPD

There are more and more Legal CPD options available. Gone are the days when time out of your busy schedule attending a conference was the only way to earn CPD units – with webinarspodcasts and online conferences now offered, the options are endless.

But if you are investing time online to achieve your annual CPD units – how do you know what to look for when making your decisions on what to attend. Let’s look at the ACTIVE method of researching your options;

1. Assistance

While generally it is now easy to join and participate in CPD activities such as webinars and podcasts with a simple click – things don’t always go to plan. Make sure you can directly contact your provider and ensure they are accessible in any situation.

2. Credible Presenters

The first point of call is to research just who is presenting and providing the professional development in question? Are they experienced, are they leaders in their field? Ask the simple questions;

  • Would I like to sit down and have a conversation with this person about a particular issue? 
  • Or have they been involved in situations that I may face?

3. Timely Information

When attending a conference, the content and schedule are clear. However, when it comes to choosing webinars or podcasts – the freshness and timeliness becomes a little cloudy. Many webinars can be recycled, regurgitated information that is out of date and doesn’t include or touch on the latest issues. When deciding on attending a webinar – go for live where possible – if not, clearly review the date of recording.

4. Industry Leader

This one is easy. Make sure your provider has a history in the industry and is recognised as a provider with your industry body.

5. Verification certificates

 Make sure you can prove that you attended. When searching and completing those final units for the year – that free podcast, may be interesting and have been a good idea – but not useful if you can’t prove you attended. Receipts of payment of CPD activities, lists of attendance records, attendances confirmation, copies of presentation notes, copies of enrolment records, copies of Certificate of Completion of CPD activities are all valid verification documents. Leading providers will automatically provide a certificate on completion.

6. Expertise

Is the provider of the education an expert in the field of law? Many providers now provide education options across a range of subject areas – rather than focusing and specialising in a particular field. The leading providers and industry bodies, focus and specialise on limited subject matter – ensuring its fresh, current and relevant.


Whether your Legal CPD is a chore or a pleasure, using the ACTIVE method of choice will at least ensure the CPD you do is valid and will assist you with your development as a legal professional.  


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