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 Recorded Webinar: 3 CPD Compulsory Topics for Lawyers – a national webinar for lawyers


25th November 2020
Duration:  3 hours

This webinar comprises 3 one-hour sessions covering each of the compulsory CPD subjects for lawyers for the CPD year ending 31 March 2021.

Session 1: Practice Management & Business Skills

Estimating Fees and Getting Costing Right

This session looks at what we normally get wrong in fee estimates and costing. Understanding the no-go zones on costing provides a path forward in efficient practice management. It includes:

  • Understanding legal obligation in costing - yours and theirs
  • What is required in cost disclosure? – be-spoked estimates and explaining major variables where applicable
  • The engagement letter - who is the client? how are costs calculated?
  • Descriptive scope of work and estimates for each step
  • Interim billing and how it conforms to overall estimate
  • Navigating the fixed fee and billable hour conundrum
  • Time costing - what is claimable and what is not claimable

Session 2: Professional Skills

Ready, Steady, Go: Preparing for a Mediation

The opportunities offered by mediation can readily be squandered by failure to properly prepare. This session will guide practitioners through the key aspects of preparing and running a successful mediation, including:

  • When and why mediation should be a choice
  • Selecting the right mediator and setting terms
  • Understanding the case including:
  • the issues, strengths and weaknesses
  • your side and the other side: a 360 degree view
  • money or something more?
  • Determining the point of compromise or bottom line
  • Do you and your client want to achieve the same thing?
  • At the mediation:
  • what are the physical arrangements?
  • process and agenda
  • what do you need to bring or have on hand?
  • managing emotions – support arrangements
  • Settlement options and draft agreements
  • Next steps following an unsuccessful outcome

Session 3:  Legal Ethics

Professionalism in the 21st Century: A Primer for Lawyers

What does it mean to be part of the legal profession and what is professionalism in practice? This session will provide best practice guidance on expected duties and behaviour of legal practitioners, and examine:

  • What are the major aspects of professionalism?
  • Why is professionalism fundamental to the practice of law?
  • Impact of the digital era on the profession
  • A refresher on some key ethical standards and obligations:
  • professional courtesy
  • integrity and honesty
  • diligence
  • Regulating the profession – who’s in charge in what can they do?
  • Common pitfalls and problems – tales from the coalface
Recorded Webinars,Legal CPD Compulsory Subject/s,Recorded Webinar:  3 CPD Compulsory Topics for Lawyers – a national webinar for lawyers

Cate Dealehr, Accredited Cost Law Specialist, The Australian Legal Costing Group, Melbourne

Cate founded ALCG in 1990 and is a recognised leader in her field. She is the chair of the Costs Section executive committee of the Law Institute of Victoria (LIV) and long-standing trainer for law graduates at Leo Cussen Institute. She is a regular presenter at the annual National Costs Conferences.

Cate is a recipient of the annual LIV Pro Bono awards and received a LIV Certificate of Service for her outstanding service to the Victorian legal profession. She served for 4 years as an elected representative for Victoria’s solicitors on the Legal Services Board and drafted the precedent costs disclosure and agreements for distribution for the profession.

Cate has acted as an independent costs expert in over 20 class actions through-out Australia including acting as a Court appointed referee in the Federal and Victorian Supreme Courts.

Recorded Webinars,Legal CPD Compulsory Subject/s,Recorded Webinar:  3 CPD Compulsory Topics for Lawyers – a national webinar for lawyers

Lisa Foley, Managing Director, DA Damily Lawyers, Brisbane

Lisa holds the position of Managing Director at DA Family Lawyers. Lisa holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Law with Honours from the Queensland University of Technology and has worked exclusively in family law and child protection law since her admission in 2006.

Lisa is experienced in appearing in the Federal Circuit Court of Australia, Family Court of Australia, the Children’s Court and Magistrates Courts.

Lisa has a special interest in international family law matters, including matters falling under the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction. Lisa was actively involved in the well-publicised “Italian Sisters” international child abduction case.

Lisa is also a qualified collaborative law practitioner and believes in collaborative law and mediation as a successful alternative to litigation.

Recorded Webinars,Legal CPD Compulsory Subject/s,Recorded Webinar:  3 CPD Compulsory Topics for Lawyers – a national webinar for lawyers

Pippa Colman, Director, Pippa Colman & Associates, Queensland

Pippa commenced her legal career at the age of 17. Having lived and worked for most of her life on the Sunshine Coast, Pippa is an established Coast identity who started her firm “Pippa Colman & Associates” in March 2001. Pippa is also a qualified Mediator and Arbitrator and is engaged by other lawyers to act in this capacity.


This webinar is suitable for lawyers - Australia wide and it has been designed to deliver the 3 compulsory subject CPD units for the CPD year ending 31st March 2021.


Lawyers can claim 3 CPD units – compulsory subjects.  1 unit each for Ethics, Practice Management and Professional Skills.

If you need assistance or have an enquiry, please do not hesitate to contact our Webinar Coordinator, Lisa Tran on (03) 8601 7709 or email: [email protected]

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