JobKeeper: Practical Problems Under the Microscope

This program looks at a range of practical issues associated with Jobkeeper and brings us up to date with the latest from the ATO including a number of recent rulings.

The program covers:

  • The five alternate tests designed to deal with startups, primary producers and droughts fluctuating turnovers and businesses with a big increase in turnover just prior to the pandemic, restructures and acquisitions and divestments
  • Treatment of professional firm service trusts
  • The way the anti-avoidance rules will be applied by the Commissioner
  • The all in rule
  • Causes for decline in turnover
  • Calculating projected turnover and the meaning of likely
  • Differences between projected and actual turnover
  • Cash vs accruals vs accounting methodologies

Featuring: Fletch Heinemann, Partner, Cooper Grace Ward

[30 minutes] [0.50 CPD hours]

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