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 Red Flags and Dodging Bullets in Caveat Lodgement (NSW)

Caveats are valuable tool for protecting a client’s interest in land.  However, lodgement of caveats has always carried risks for the caveator if a caveat proves to be invalid, and now with the advent of electronic lodgement the risks have shifted to solicitors lodging such caveats on behalf of their clients.  In this program, Mark Swan, from Mills Oakley in Sydney, provides a guide to: what are, and are not, caveatable interests under the New South Wales Real Property Act; when caveats can and will be removed; and the responsibilities and potential liabilities of caveators and solicitors lodging caveats, including the impact of PEXA, and the seemingly simple process for lodging caveats electronically.

35 minutes / 0.6 CPD units

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