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 Complex Property Matters in Family Law: One Day 10 Point Masterclass

Masterclass,Family Law,Complex Property Matters in Family Law:  One Day 10 Point Masterclass
Wednesday 23 February 2022

Wesley Conference Centre, Sydney

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This masterclass has been designed to enable family lawyers to earn their 10 CPD units for the CPD year ending 31.3.22. 

Delegates will attend 6 substantive law sessions at the Masterclass and we’ll supply 4 free on-demand video webinars – 3 covering each of the compulsory subjects plus 1 other - to view at your leisure by 31.3.22.  So all up you will earn your 10 CPD units for this CPD year.

All delegates will receive a CPD certificate following the conference.

Book with peace of mind

This masterclass is scheduled to be run face to face and online.  If we are unable to run the event face to face due to COVID related restrictions we will either convert the event to an online only event or postpone it to a later date.  Should you not wish to attend the online event or postponed event you will be entitled to a 100% refund of any registration fee paid or a credit for future use.

  • Factoring Uncertain Times in Family Law Property Valuations
    • The flow-on effect of COVID-19 continues, and the future of the virus, both as a public health and economic issue, is unpredictable. This session will provide a guide to what practitioners need to consider when advising their clients, and how courts are reacting, to re-valuation of businesses, properties and other economic considerations in family law property assessments.
  • Initial Contributions and Income in Property Assessments
    • The biggest cause of litigation in family law arises from disputes over contributions. This session will examine two types of contribution that courts regularly need to consider when deciding on entitlement and recent decisions.
  • Identifying Complex Assets in Property Settlements
    • As the High Court made clear in Stamford, an essential part of any family property matter is to identify the legal and equitable interests of the parties in any property. However, determining the size of the asset pool can be difficult, particularly where parties have interests in complex company and trust arrangements.
  • Drafting Financial Agreements that Truly Bind
    • The Family Law Act 1975 allows couples to enter into financial agreements before, during and following the end of their marriage or de facto relationship concerning division of assets in the event of a separation. However, there is always a potential risk that the financial agreement may be set aside, including where it has failed to meet the legislative requirements or its terms are ambiguous or incomplete. This session provides a practical guide to drafting agreements that are able to withstand both the challenges of a relationship breakdown and the legal scrutiny of the courts.
  • Third Parties in Property Settlements: Invited Guests and Gatecrashers
    • Third-party involvement in property settlement matters is becoming increasingly common, with complex family financial structures leading to more litigation involving third parties such as trusts, companies and creditors. This session looks at practical and procedural issues with the joining or intervention of third parties.
  • Unrealised Tax Liabilities and the Family Court
    • The Family Court often ignores unrealised capital gains tax and other tax liabilities.  But does this approach result in a just and equitable outcome for the parties?   Why should one party receive tax free assets and the other party receive assets with future tax liabilities that have not been taken into account?  This session examines looks at how the Family Court’s views on tax liabilities have evolved and considers the arguments you can raise to assist with obtaining a just and equitable outcome for your clients. 

In addition, all delegates will receive the following on demand video webinars.  These webinars are being recorded in February and will be provided online by end February 2022 for you to view at your leisure by 31.3.22.

  1. Practical Ethics Risk Management in Family Law Matters (ethics)
  2. Drafting Meaningful Family Law Correspondence (professional skills)
  3. Marketing Your Family Law Practice (practice management & business skills)
  4. Contravention Cases in Family Law: Holding Parties to Account (substantive law)

Karen Hardy, Partner, Pearson Emerson, Sydney (Morning Chair)

Neil Jackson, Barrister, Frederick Jordon Chambers, Sydney

Antonella Sanderson, Principal Solicitor/Director, Family Law Matters, Sydney

Carly Middleton, Partner, Barkus Doolan Family Lawyers, Sydney

Nigel Nicholls, Principal, Blanchfield Nicholls, Sydney (Afternoon Chair)

Paul Lewis, Partner, Eakin McCaffery Cox, Sydney

Collette McFawn, Partner, Lander & Rogers, Sydney

Nick Gaudion, Director, Cutcher & Neale, Sydney


If you register and pay by 4 February 2022 you will pay only $990a saving of $110 off the full price conference registration fee of $1100.


If you need assistance or have an enquiry, please do not hesitate to contact our Event Coordinator, Hayley Williams-Cameron on (03) 8601 7730 or email: [email protected]

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