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 RECORDED WEBINAR: How to Protect Your IP when Manufacturing Overseas

Monday 26th May 2014

Duration:  2 hours

For many businesses, it makes commercial sense to manufacture your product overseas. But protection of IP in countries such as China, Bangladesh and India is a big concern for many clients, and understandably so. Stories abound of products being copied, and of factories making and selling a client’s product behind their back. If your clients are manufacturing their products overseas, it is vital that your clients take adequate steps to protect their IP rights.  

This presentation will cover: 
  • Choosing the right manufacturer
  • Protecting yourself contractually – emails and a handshake are not enough
  • How to obtain copyright and design protections overseas, with a focus on China
  • How to obtain a Chinese trade mark registration overseas
  • The importance of choosing the right foreign name
  • How to police the market once your IP is out there 
This webinar is suitable for: Lawyers advising businesses of all sizes, in-house counsel
PRESENTED BY: Daniel Plane, Director, Simone IP Services, Hong Kong
Dan is experienced in all facets of intellectual property law, in particular, anti-counterfeiting  Admitted in Australia, Hong Kong and Wisconsin (USA), he has practiced extensively in the US (as both a patent litigator and public prosecutor), Europe (as in-house anti-counterfeiting counsel for Nokia in the EMEA region) and in the PRC and Asia Pacific, both as in-house counsel for LVMH Fashion Group, as well as in private practice with two of the world's leading international law firms.
As a private practitioner, Dan has acted on behalf of a wide range of clients, including garment manufacturers, electronics and computer companies, pharmaceuticals companies, and luxury goods manufacturers.  Of particular note is his wealth of experience in designing and managing regional intellectual property programmes.  Fluent in Chinese Mandarin, Dan has practised in the People's Republic of China for over eight years, where he represents clients across the full range of IP issues, including the organisation and execution of anti-counterfeiting actions, and the negotiation of IP licensing, franchising and transfer agreements.  Dan is a frequent speaker and write on Intellectual Property topics, having recently published articles on online counterfeiting, the development of landlord liability theory, trade secrets protection and the design and management of Asia-based supply chain programmes.
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