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 RECORDED WEBINAR: What`s in a Name? The Differences between Business Names, Domain Names & Trade Marks

Tuesday 27th August 2013

Duration:  2 hours 

Most businesses know that registration of their name is important. But very few understand the legal significance or key differences between trade marks and business names, company names and domain names. They each have very different roles and provide different levels of protection to your client’s brand. Clients are often surprised to learn that having a registered business name or company name will not by itself provide protection from being sued for infringing someone else’s trade mark. It can be a costly lesson for your client to learn. 
This presentation will cover: 
  • The ins and outs of selecting the right company and business name
  • The misconceived nature of business and company name registration
  • Using ASIC’s new database
  • How to protect business and company name owners from infringing prior rights
  • What rights does a domain name give you?
  • What do you need to justify the registration of a domain name?
  • How to choose between an .au, .com and .org domain name
  • Does having a domain name in one domain (eg. ‘company.com.au’) give you the right to stop others from holding the same domain name in another domain (eg. ‘company.org’)?
  • How domain name holders can avoid infringing Australian and foreign IP rights 
This webinar is suitable for: Lawyers advising business enterprises – all jurisdictions
PRESENTED BY: Joel Masterson, Senior Associate, Lawyer and Trade Marks Attorney, Actuate IP, Melbourne
As an experienced intellectual property lawyer, Joel Masterson holds a key role in the firm’s dispute resolution and litigation practice where he handles small and large scale projects. Joel specialises in anti-counterfeiting and has years of experience acting for some of the world’s most famous personal care, electronics and fashion brands.

The strategies Joel applies to the enforcement of IP rights always take account of the particular client’s commercial objectives – tough when he needs to be but unlike some, he don’t just barge in like a bull at gate.

Joel is also a registered trade marks attorney with a strong prosecution and opposition background. His track record is rounded out with experience working in a top tier IP department and in an in-house IP commercialisation role with a prestigious medical research institute – and he is currently enhancing his skills by undertaking a Masters degree with the University of Melbourne.

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