The changing legal CPD landscape in the wake of COVID-19

The changing legal CPD landscape in the wake of COVID-19

The changing legal cpd landscape in the wake of Covid-19

2020 has bought with it many changes to the Legal CPD landscape. Never have there been as many changes to legal policies as quickly as we have had in the wake of Covid-19 (Coronavirus). Governments have reacted quickly to minimise the impact on all sides of our economy by implementing a range of legal and taxation measures we as professionals all need to understand. 

Property Law: Covid-19 (Coronavirus) has had a wide reach impact in the property sector with both the commercial and residential sectors affected. Many businesses have closed and many can’t pay rent.  Agents “open homes” have been restricted.

Property lawyers need to understand the New Commercial Leases Code of Conduct, changes to residential leases, and the importance of the Electronic Transactions Act in this new online world.

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Wills and Estates: Succession lawyers have been receiving many enquiries from clients wishing to make Wills and Enduring Powers of Attorney to ensure that their affairs are in order. But the effect of the restrictions during this time has had a major impact on what are usually straightforward tasks.  Obtaining face to face instructions from clients, witnessing wills or entering aged care facilities to liaise with clients have all been minefields.

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Family Law: Family law disputes are difficult to navigate at the best of times. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has created unique challenges that require careful consideration when advising warring parties. Court closures, breaching parenting orders due to concerns about infection and child support and spousal maintenance are just some of the additional stresses.

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Employment Law:  As COVID-19 spread across the country, the outbreak gave rise to issues that every employer had to address about their workforce including leave, restrictions on staff travel, reduction of hours and working from home arrangements. These changes also led to major questions regarding privacy in the workplace in regard to monitoring work and the sharing of medical records. 

While it may be some time until it’s business as usual, many employers are now turning their minds to the next phase in the pandemic – planning for the new normal and how they can deliver a safe and successful return to work plan while navigation the myriad of employment-related issues.

The hot topics that need to be reviewed or become part of your legal CPD include:

  • how the privacy obligations apply in the context of the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic

·       Navigating the National COVID-19 Safe Workplace Principles

·       Review of policies and procedures: flexible working, home-working, health and safety

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